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Welcxme Tx The Gulag Lyrics by Scarlxrd is the latest English song with music also given by him. Welcxme Tx The Gulag song lyrics are written by Scarlxrd. Here One can find Welcxme Tx The Gulag Song Lyrics Pdf, Welcxme Tx The Gulag Song Lyrics in French, Spanish & English, Welcxme Tx The Gulag Song Ringtone, Welcxme Tx The Gulag Song Download, Welcxme Tx The Gulag Song Mp3 Download. Get Welcxme Tx The Gulag song lyrics here Below.

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Welcxme Tx The Gulag Song Information:

Singer Scarlxrd
Lyricist Scarlxrd
Music Scarlxrd
Composer Scarlxrd

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Welcxme Tx The Gulag Song Lyrics By Scarlxrd:

Wah de bloodclat do yuh, siddung (siddung)
I know that they all work, play it, play it
Scar, uh

Keeping alive won’t set aside
Anything goes, two shots to your durag
Lethal in the sky no load I see enemies
I silence, go fast
Deep in the night no blacked out moon
Dead silent lookin’ like who’s that?
Make a boy fear for his life
You don’t wanna see Scar turn up to the gulag

Feelin’ insane so what?
Go on then say sumn’ dumb
What if they keep it close
What if it doesn’t land
How many albums gone?
(…..) All the time I’m coming close
Get out of the buildings

Can’t stay guarding the flag
Can’t go on no whip, won’t send me the fabric
Suit drop (…..), that’s a real care package
(…..) tactical static
F*ck what they know it’s the future
I’ma stay ten toes down with the classics
Pull up (…..) tactics
I’m with the vibe and I really don’t come with a side
(…..) stars in my eyes
I’ve been involved far for my life
Still cynical, can’t really decide, I’m difficult
Hard to describe, unmissable
Can’t be the man I’m a miracle
Lost to the life, I’m minimal
Half of the time I’m invisible
Lost it again
F*ck moving forward and making amends

Do what I like, give a f*ck what you say
Keep movin’ silent (…..)
I’m never tryin’, I’m really the best
But that shit’s easy, I know that I’m (…..)
I’m an insane child, still blacked out in the daytime
Never show face, don’t waste time, don
Bustin’ through the cord
Trouble (…..)

Losin’ lots of blood
Droppin’ back in in a rush
(…..) all over the floor
I cannot fall for the (…..)
It’s (…..)
It’s (…..)
It’s (…..)
It’s (…..)

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