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Truth Without Love Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Alicia Keys. Truth Without Love song was released at the official youtube channel RCA Records from the album ALICIA (2020). Here One can find Truth Without Love Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. Truth Without Love Song Ringtone, Mp3 Music, and Mobile HD Wall Paper.

Truth Without Love Song Information:

Song Title Truth Without Love
Singer Alicia Keys
Album ALICIA (2020)
Written Alicia Keys
Release date
September 18, 2020
Label RCA Records

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Truth Without Love Song Lyrics By Alicia Keys:

Such a nuisance tryin’ to kill all the loose ends
Tell me how the truth became so elusive
Them illusions from the fusion, the intrusion
Contusion, U got me confused, man
Wish I could change everything, oh
That U’re all in mi zone, [?] ain’t the same ’cause
Wonderin’ if I’m still the same girl (Wonder)
The girl U knew before she came up (Wonder)

What if I was U?
What if I was the saint?
What about the truth?
Runnin’ around with no shame

What if I wasn’t Alicia? Would it please ya?
How would I feed ya?
What it’s to U, I was just a leecher
Why would I need ya?
Why would I need ya, yeah?

Tell me why the hell is somethin’ wrong each mornin’
Tell me why the hell I had to write this song
Even when I [?], honestly, I’m wrong
Oh, well [?]
Tell me why the hell I had to write this song
Tell me why the hell there’s somethin’ always wrong
Even when I’m [?]

I [?]
I [?]

“U can’t understand me” is an understatement
I love U more because I know U hate me
I love U more ’cause I know U forsake me
So U hated more, can’t wait to drive the stake in
U lucky I do this for different reasons
Shine all the time, no matter the seasons [?]
I swear they R here extra salty
Many on here extra salty
I swear they R here extra salty, yeah

All in time, one day U find
The truth without love
Truth without love
The truth without love
Truth without love
It’s just a lie

I [?]
I [?]

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