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Toya Turnup Talks Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Mulatto. Toya Turnup Talks song music is produced by Bankroll Got It. Here One can find Toya Turnup Talks Song Lyrics Pdf, Toya Turnup Talks Song Lyrics in French, Spanish & English, Toya Turnup Talks Song Ringtone, Toya Turnup Talks Song Download, Toya Turnup Talks Song Mp3 Download. Get Toya Turnup Talks song lyrics here Below.

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Toya Turnup Talks Song Information:

Song Title Toya Turnup Talks
Singer Mulatto
Queen Of Da Souf
Producer Bankroll Got It
Music Label StreamCut & RCA Records

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Toya Turnup Talks Song Lyrics By Mulatto:

Girl, come here
Bit*h, let me ask you a question (Yeah?)
Have you ever in your motherfu*king life
Seen a pussy this motherfu*king pretty, bit*h? On God
I don’t think I have
Look at it, hold on, let me put my leg up (Wow)
Look, tight, fat, wet than a bit*h (Yeah), on God
Girl, if I drop my motherfu*king drawers
A nig*a gon’ have to eat this shit, bit*h, on God (Totally)
He gonna have to swipe that motherfu*king card, 
Bit*h, on God (For sure)
Look (I am)
This pussy pretty, bitch
I gotta go (Yeah)
That’s a nice one
Love it, you are so fu*king hot…

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