TOP 5 Songs of the Week 2021 – This Week’s Biggest 5 Music Hits 2021 #14

Billie Eilish, Becky G, El Alfa, Jorja Smith, Shaybo, Olivia Rodrigo all had huge releases this week. See our weekly article of mysonglyrics. Subscribe to mysonglyrics for constant music video updates. Please Share this article with a friend & colleague. June 5, 2021.

1. Billie Eilish – Lost Cause Song

Lost Cause Song Lyrics By Billie Eilish:

Something’s in the—

Something’s in the air right now
Like I’m losin’ track of time (Time, time)
Like I don’t really care right now
But maybe that’s fine
You weren’t even there that day
I was waitin’ on you (You, you)
I wonder if you were aware that day
Was the last straw for me and I knowContinue Reading…

2. Becky G & El Alfa – Fulanito Song

Fulanito Song Lyrics By Becky G & El Alfa:

El Animal

Qué manera
Cómo el consigue de mí lo que quiera
Quedé partía’ desde la primera (Así e’, así e’)
Haciendo lo que no va a hace’ cualquieraContinue Reading…

Fulanito Song Lyrics in English By Becky G & El Alfa:

The animal

What a way
How he gets from me what he wants
I was left ‘from the first (So e’, so e ‘)
Doing what is not going to do ‘anyone
And it doesn’t work out so well (yeah)Continue Reading…

3. John Mayer – Last Train Home Song

Last Train Home Song Lyrics By John Mayer:

If you wanna roll me
Then you gotta roll me all night long
And if you wanna use me
Then you gotta use me till I’m gone

I’m not a fallen angel, I just fell behind
I’m out of luck and I’m out of time
If you don’t wanna love me, let me goContinue Reading…

Last Train Home Song Lyrics in Spanish By John Mayer:

Si quieres rodarme
Entonces tienes que rodarme toda la noche
Y si quieres usarme
Entonces tienes que usarme hasta que me vaya

No soy un ángel caído, solo me quedé atrás
No tengo suerte y no tengo tiempo
Si no quieres amarme, déjame irContinue Reading…

4. Jorja Smith ft. Shaybo – Bussdown Song

Bussdown Song Lyrics By Jorja Smith ft. Shaybo:

The top down ’cause she worked hard for it
But blacked out, so they won’t see her in it
Bussdown, baby, ain’t tired of this
Diamonds, baby, bought all of them
Dressed up and she just walks right in
Bussdown, baby, are you tired of this?

Run it, run it now, you wanna head out
The flight leaves at noon and she wanna buy chanelContinue Reading…

5. Olivia Rodrigo – Vevo Short Film

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