TOP 5 Songs of the Week 2021 – This Week’s Biggest 5 Music Hits 2021 #13

Olivia Rodrigo, The Weeknd, DJ Khaled, J Balvin, María Becerra, Marshmello & Jonas Brothers all had huge releases this week. See our weekly article of mysonglyrics. Subscribe to mysonglyrics for constant music video updates. Please Share this article with a friend & colleague. May 29, 2021.

1. Olivia Rodrigo – Favorite Crime Song

​favorite crime Song Lyrics By Olivia Rodrigo:

Know that I loved you so bad
I let you treat me like that
I was your willing accomplice, honey

And I watched as you fled the scene
The white as you buried me
One heart broke, four hands bloodyContinue Reading…

2. The Weeknd – Save Your Tears Song

Save Your Tears Song Lyrics By The Weeknd, Ariana Grande:

Ooh (Ooh)
Na na, yeah

I saw you dancing in a crowded room
You look so happy when I’m not with you
But then you saw me, caught you by surprise
A single teardrop falling from your eyeContinue Reading… 

3. DJ Khaled – I DID IT Song

I DID IT Song Lyrics By DJ Khaled:

We the Best Music
Another one
DJ Khaled

Stayed down ’til I came up
I did it, I did it, I did it
Ten toes and never changed up
I did it, I did it, I did itContinue Reading… 

4. J Balvin & María Becerra – Qué Más Pues? Song

Qué Más Pues? Song Lyrics By J Balvin & María Becerra:

¿Qué más pues?
¿Cómo te ha ido?
J Balvin, man

¿Qué más pues? ¿Cómo te ha ido? (Eh)
¿Sigue’ soltera o ya tiene’ marido? (Wuh)
Sé que es personal, perdona lo atrevido (No)
Te pedí en Navidad y Santa no te ha traído (Ey)
Pero, ¿qué más pues? ¿Qué ha habido? (¿Qué ha habido?)
Te perdí el rastro por distraído (Wuh)Continue Reading… 

Qué Más Pues? Song Lyrics in English By J Balvin & María Becerra:

What else then?
How did it go?
J Balvin, man

What else then? How did it go? (Hey)
Is she still ‘single or does she already have’ husband? (Wuh)
I know it’s personal, forgive the daring (No)
I asked you at Christmas and Santa hasn’t brought you (Hey)
But what else then? There has been? (There has been?)Continue Reading…

5. Marshmello & Jonas Brothers – Leave Before You Love Me Song

Leave Before You Love Me Song Lyrics By Marshmello & Jonas Brothers:

I see you calling
I didn’t wanna leave you like that
It’s five in the morning, yeah, yeah
A hundred on the dash
‘Cause my wheels are rolling
Ain’t taking my foot off the gas
And it only took the one night
To see the end of the line
Staring deep in your eyes, eyesContinue Reading…

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