TOP 5 Songs of the Week 2021 – This Week’s Biggest 5 Music Hits 2021 #11

Olivia Rodrigo, DJ Khaled, 21 Savage, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Shift K3Y, Tinashe and Karol G all ha-d huge releases this week. See our weekly article of mysonglyrics. Subscribe to mysonglyrics for constant music video updates. Please Share this article with a friend & colleague. May 15, 2021.

1. Olivia Rodrigo – Good 4 U Song

Good 4 U Song Lyrics By Olivia Rodrigo:

Good 4 U I Guess
You Moved On Really Easily
You Found A New Girl And
It Only Took A Couple Weeks
Remember When You Said
That You Wanted To Give Me
The WorldContinue Reading… 

2. DJ Khaled – LET IT GO Song

LET IT GO Song Lyrics By DJ Khaled Feat 21 Savage & Justin Bieber:

Yeah-yeah, yeah (Yeah)
Yeah-yeah, yeah
Yeah-yeah, yeah (We The Best Music)
Yeah-yeah, yeah
Yeah-yeah, yeah (Another one)
Yeah-yeah, yeah (DJ Khaled), uhContinue Reading…

LET IT GO Song Lyrics in Spanish By DJ Khaled Feat 21 Savage & Justin Bieber:

Sí Sí Sí Sí)
Si, si, si
Sí, sí, sí (somos la mejor música)
Si, si, si
Sí, sí, sí (otro)
Sí, sí, sí (DJ Khaled), uhContinue Reading…

3. Karol G – El Barco Song

El Barco Song Letra By Karol G:

Andaba En Soledad
Como Un Perro Realengo

Tratando De Llenar Ese Vacío
Desde Que No Te Tengo

Un Día Me Querías Al Otro No
Te Lo Juro Que No EntíendoContinue Reading…

4. Katy Perry – Electric Song

Electric Song Lyrics By Katy Perry:

In The Dark
When You Feel Lost
Wanna Be The Best
But At What Cost

If You’re Gonna Stay Here
Nothing’s Ever Changing
No Big World
Gotta See It All
Gotta Get UpContinue Reading…

5. Shift K3Y & Tinashe – Love Line Song

Love Line Song Lyrics By Shift K3Y & Tinashe:

This is not no love line
I’m not picking up at midnight
I’m not giving you no more time
Now let’s get a few things right
Na, na, na, na, na, na, no lie
Let me tell you I don’t need you
Used to wait around for you all night
You ain’t getting no more mindContinue Reading…

Love Line Song Lyrics in Spanish By Shift K3Y & Tinashe:

Esta no es una línea de amor
No voy a recoger a la medianoche
No te voy a dar mas tiempo
Ahora hagamos algunas cosas bien
Na, na, na, na, na, na, no miento
Déjame decirte que no te necesito
Solía ​​esperar por ti toda la noche
No te preocupas másContinue Reading…

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