Top 10 Tyler, The Creator Songs 2021 | Best of Tyler, The Creator Songs 2021

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1. Tyler, The Creator – LUMBERJACK Song

LUMBERJACK Song Lyrics By Tyler, The Creator:

Rolls-Royce pull up, Black boy hop out
Shoutout to my mother and my father, didn’t- (Hold up)
“Oh, my God, I never seen nothin’ like this”
Haha, that’s what my mom was sayin’
She, she was cryin’ and shit
It was, she was just like, “This shit is beautiful”
It was a beautiful moment
You alwa– you always keep the picnic blankets in the back
‘Cause you, you never know (Gangsta Grillz)
You never know where the fuck you gon’ end up atContinue Reading… 

2. Tyler, The Creator – WUSYANAME Song

WUSYANAME Song Lyrics By Tyler, The Creator:

Something real, yeah
Hold on now, we don’t do that back
Haha, that’s my pick up line and shit
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I got your bitch movin’
Call me when you get lost

Aw, you look malnourished (Malnourished)Continue Reading… 

3. Tyler, The Creator – SWEET / I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE Song

SWEET / I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE Song Lyrics By Tyler, The Creator:

No, no, no, no, no, listen, listen
(Call when you get lost, lost)
The driver gon’ drop you off
(Call me when you get lost, lost)
A’ight, it’s warm, the waterfall is crazy
I don’t know, make somethin’ up, tell him somethin’
Uh, come on
Still on the boat?
Call me if you get lost

You and I, we fell in love
I read the signs, ain’t nobody wasContinue Reading… 

4. Tyler, The Creator – WILSHIRE Song

WILSHIRE Song Lyrics By Tyler, The Creator:

Mhm, fuck, yeah

Met you on a Saturday, knew it was somethin’ soon as you spoke it
Eye fuckin’ across the table, don’t think anybody noticed
You asked me if I was comin’ the city you from
Maybe we should kick it, I was interested, that would be dumb
If I denied long legs, good ears, great taste
Smell good, sense of humor, obvious a good face
And we clicked, we was at each other’s hips
I ain’t even wanna fuck ’cause your presence was enough
You and I make sense, you stay back at my tele’Continue Reading… 

5. Tyler, The Creator – LEMONHEAD Song

LEMONHEAD Song Lyrics By Tyler, The Creator:

Y’all niggas know what’s up
You say, you say pandemic? (Yeah)
Oh, you wanna see a pandemic? (Bunnyhop)
They should remove us from the game
I don’t lean
This shit really get crazy
I don’t lean
Gangsta Grillz (Yeah)

I don’t lean but my house do
Off the hill with the mean view (Yeah)
Nice house, if you look out
You can see some eagles and a few yachtsContinue Reading… 

6. Tyler, The Creator – MANIFESTO Song

MANIFESTO Song Lyrics By Tyler, The Creator:

Lil’ white bitch gon’ say
“You need to say something about that”
“You need to say somethin’ ’bout black—”
Bitch, suck my—
Go time

That ain’t in your religion, you just followin’ your mama
She followed your granny, she obeyed master
Did y’all even ask her? Questions, it’s holes in them stories
Is it, holes in your blessings? Yeah, I’m bold with the message
I know I ain’t got the answerContinue Reading… 

7. Tyler, The Creator – HOT WIND BLOWS Song

HOT WIND BLOWS Song Lyrics By Tyler, The Creator:

Ladies and gentlemen
We just landed in Geneva
Yeah, that’s in Switzerland
We on a yacht
A young lady just fed me French vanilla ice cream
We all got our toes out, too
Call me when you get lost

I’ma travel the globe, you keep the block hot
Driver, open the door for me, my hand hurtContinue Reading… 

8. Tyler, The Creator – MASSA Song

MASSA Song Lyrics By Tyler, The Creator:

Whatever your shit is, man, do it
Whatever bring you that immense joy, do that, that’s your luxury
The greatest thing that ever happened to me was
Bein’ damn near twenty and leavin’ Los Angeles for the first time
I got out my bubble, my eyes, just wide
My passport is the most valuable—

Massa couldn’t catch me, my legs long than a bitch
Got too much self-respect, I wash my hands ‘fore I piss
They try to talk me—, ehm, I’ma just goContinue Reading… 

9. Tyler, The Creator – SIR BAUDELAIRE Song

SIR BAUDELAIRE Song Lyrics By Tyler, The Creator:

The sun beamin’
Y’all ready?
Ayo (DJ the fuck-DJ the fuck—)
It’s T, baby
I don’t think you’re ready
Wolf Haley, Bunnyhop, yo
I must say, I’m glad you found your way here

Cookie crumbs in the rolls (Rolls), jet fuel scented vest (Vyoom)
Swim trunks in the trunk, Geneva water the best (The best, yeah)
The passport lookin’ thick, the afro need a pickContinue Reading… 

10. Tyler, The Creator – RUNITUP Song

RUNITUP Song Lyrics By Tyler, The Creator:

Fuck you niggas talkin’ to me about?
See, see as a kid, I felt alienated by the niggas who look just like me
Niggas treat my nuance like it, like it was a nuisance so
So I was like, I was like “Fuck ’em, fuck ’em”
I did my own shit, and now I’m up and now all that paid off
And all them niggas, they peaked at high school
I always had confidence, I ain’t never been nervous
I ain’t never had anxiety and I ain’t never second-guessed myself
If I want it, I go get it, I’m always on go mode, I just goContinue Reading…

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