Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs 2021 | Best of Taylor Swift Songs 2021

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1. Taylor Swift – R​ight Where You Left Me Song

R​ight Where You Left Me Song Lyrics By Taylor Swift:

Friends break up, friends get married
Strangers get born, strangers get buried
Trends change, rumors fly through new skies
But I’m right where U left me
Matches burn after the other
Pages turn and stick to each other
Wages earned and lessons learned
But I’m right where U left meContinue Reading… 

2. Taylor Swift – ​Coney Island Song

​coney island Song Lyrics By Taylor Swift:

Break Mi soul in two looking for you
But you’re right here
If I can’t relate to U anymore
Then who am I related to?
And if this is the long haul
How’d we get here so soon?
Did I close Mi fist around something delicate
Did I shatter you?Continue Reading… 

3. Taylor Swift – Gold Rush Song

Gold Rush Song Lyrics By Taylor Swift:

Gleaming, twinkling
Eyes like sinking
Ships on waters
So inviting, I almost jump in

But I don’t like a gold rush, gold rush
I don’t like anticipatin’ Mi face in a red flushContinue Reading… 

4. Taylor Swift – Champagne Problems Song

Champagne Problems Song Lyrics By Taylor Swift:

U booked the night train for a reason
So U could sit there in this hurt
Bustling crowds or silent sleepers
You’re not sure which is worse

Because I dropped your hand while dancing
Left you out there standing
Crestfallen on the landingContinue Reading… 

5. Taylor Swift – Evermore Song

Evermore Song Lyrics By Taylor Swift:

Gray November
I’ve been down since July
Motion capture
Put me in a bad light
I replay Mi footsteps on each stepping stone
Trying to find the one where I went wrong
Writing letters
Addressed to the fireContinue Reading… 

6. Taylor Swift – Closure Song

Closure Song Lyrics By Taylor Swift:

It’s been a long time
And seeing the shape of your name
Still spells out pain
It wasn’t right
The way it all went down
Looks like U know that nowContinue Reading… 

7. Taylor Swift – Marjorie Song

Marjorie Song Lyrics By Taylor Swift:

Never be so kind
U forget to be clever
Never be so clever
U forget to be kind

And if I didn’t know better
I’d think U were talking to me now
If I didn’t know better
I’d think U were still aroundContinue Reading…

8. Taylor Swift – Long Story Short Song

Long Story Short Song Lyrics By Taylor Swift:

I tried to pick Mi battles ’til the battle picked me
Like the war of words I shouted in Mi sleep
And U passed right by
I was in the alley, surrounded on all sides
The knife cuts both ways
If the shoe fits, walk in it ’til your high heels breakContinue Reading… 

9. Taylor Swift – Cowboy Like Me Song

Cowboy Like Me Song Lyrics By Taylor Swift:

And the tennis court was covered up
With some tent-like thing
And U asked me to dance
But I said, “dancing is a dangerous game”
Oh, I thought
This is gonna be one of those things
Now I know
I’m never gonna love againContinue Reading… 

10. Taylor Swift – Willow Song

Willow Song Lyrics By Taylor Swift:

I’m like the water when your ship rolled in that night
Rough on the surface, but U cut through like a knife
And if it was an open-shut case
I never would have known from the look on your face
Lost in your current like a priceless wine

The more that U say, the less I know
Wherever U stray, I follow
I’m begging for U to take Mi handContinue Reading… 

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