Top 10 Polo G Songs 2021 | Best of Polo G Songs 2021

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1. Polo G – Party Lyfe Song

Party Lyfe Song Lyrics By Polo G:

We live a party life, turnt up all night, enjoy the moment
Uh, you fought the hardest fights, wipe tears from your eyes
It feel good, don’t it? (Don’t it)
Uh, take off and let your hair down
Went AWOL, I see you here now
Watch the gang ball, they all care now
And every claim false, we don’t care about

Party life all night, bitch, I’m lit
Dancin’ under the starlights, this my shit
Celine hoodie and Off-White for my kicksContinue Reading… 

2. Polo G – Painting Pictures Song

Painting Pictures Song Lyrics By Polo G:

Holding back, no
Go without you
I don’t wanna be with you
Uh, uh (Ayy, 40, what that do?)

Lil Wooski ain’t your average teen, he see the opps, gon’ bang it out
He know exactly how to hit they block like that’s his favorite route
Ayy, lil’ nigga, if you send some shots, you better make it count
RPs touch his brain cells, rearrange his scalpContinue Reading… 

3. Polo G – Bloody Canvas Song

Bloody Canvas Song Lyrics By Polo G:

Head’s burnin’, wasn’t told
To leave, the world is burning down
Never had no help from anyone (I’m Harry, Harry Potter)Uh, let me tell you ’bout a young nigga, he was only fourteen
Don’t fuck with niggas, he stay social distanced like he quarantined
Went from NBA to tourin’ dreams
And a street legend in between
That’s when prayers made him hit his kneesContinue Reading… 

4. Polo G – Clueless Song

Clueless Song Lyrics By Polo G:

Look, woo

Look (Woo)
I’m downtown Chicago, on Michigan Ave with Polo and we on some woo shit (Woo shit)
I walk into Saks Fifth with a bad bitch, and we both feelin’ ruthless (Ruthless)
If I see a opp in the spot, I look him in his face like, “You ain’t gon’ do shit” (Nah)
Saucy (Saucy), too lit (Too lit), headshot (Headshot), clueless (Clueless)

They fell in love with the movement
When I see a opp and I’m boomin’ (Boaw, woo, boaw)Continue Reading…

5. Polo G – Fame & Riches Song

Fame & Riches Song Lyrics By Polo G:

Living lawless, they might say I’m a menace
Father God, I just pray for forgiveness
We fell off and shit got strange ’cause of distance
Wish I could get some millions in exchange for my feelings
Feel like you had it harder, we felt pain, what’s the difference?
Lil’ bro gon’ let it bang, fuck a witness
Cold killer raised from the trenches
For my dawgs, I’d give up all the fame and the riches
Just remember my name when I’m finishedContinue Reading… 

6. Polo G – So Real Song

So Real Song Lyrics By Polo G:

OhUh, say she is the truth, say she is so real
And I love the way that you make me feel
When it’s time to show affection again
Look her in her eyes like, “You’re mine,” that’s no lieCome on, I’ll take you where you need to go
Tell you whatever you need to know
‘Cause we for sure, I’ll keep you close, won’t sleep alone
Passionate, give you deepest strokeContinue Reading… 

7. Polo G – Losses Song

Losses Song Lyrics By Polo G:

(Wheezy outta here)

In Bentley trucks, with semis tucked
Lil’ hot ‘nem turn the city up
We wildin’, don’t give any fucks
We block stars, they envy us
A broken child with stingy trust
This greatness can’t be in a rush
Lil Capalot get plenty bucks
Girl, this ain’t love, just empty lustContinue Reading… 

8. Polo G – Zooted Freestyle Song

Zooted Freestyle Song Lyrics By Polo G:

Uh, uh, uh, uh
Uh-uh-uh, uh-uh-uh
Uh, uh, uh, uhI work the pack, I was never over-the-stove whippin’
Had to trap to make a way, this shit a cold business
Boy, if you conversate with rocks, might get a long sentence, uh
Nina blow him kisses ’til his soul liftin’
My lil’ homie known for shootin’ like he Cole Bennett
Was just a shawty, off this check was fuckin’ grown women
My life a movie, all these bitches wanna roll in itContinue Reading… 

9. Polo G – Broken Guitars Song

Broken Guitars Song Lyrics By Polo G:

From handcuffs to Rollies, can’t give you the old me
You still wastin’ my time, I feel that you owe me
Liar, hearts on fire, walkin’ through the wire
Just follow your desire, oh-oh

I remember high speeds on the jakes
I had a plug for fentanyl on the case
I remember birthdays with no cake
Early morning trapper, had a long dayContinue Reading… 

10. Polo G – No Return Song

No Return Song Lyrics By Polo G:

Uh uh, uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

Used to hit the block and serve
Work the rock like Kyrie Irv’
Link up with gang like what’s the word?
Pull up, skrrt, switchin’ lanes, might jump the curb
And, yeah, bitch, I’m really him, put that on five, fuck what you heard
Got three fifties, that’s one-fifty, ain’t no limit, I fuck with Herb
Lil’ kids turned grown men, we come from cribs dysfunctionalContinue Reading… 

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