Top 10 Migos Songs 2021 | Best of Migos Songs 2021

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1. Migos – Jane Song

Jane Song Lyrics By Migos:

That what you want?

She want a Birkin, I told her, “Work it”
She want a Birkin, I told her, “Work it”
She want a Birkin, I told her, “Work it”
She want a Birkin, I told her, “Work it”
She want a Birkin, I told her, “Work it”
She want a Birkin, I told her, “Work it”
She want a Birkin, I told her, “Work it”
She want a Birkin, I told her, wooContinue Reading… 

2. Migos – What You See Song

What You See Song Lyrics By Migos & Justin Bieber:

Hey baby, I got a question

Baby, I wanna know what you see in me? (What?)
Tell me the truth, keep it 100, keep it G with me (Hunnid)
Ain’t no love up in these streets, and life ain’t promising (Nah)
How many times that you got mad, or told me you done with me? (every time)
All these hoes you think I’m talking to, mean nothing to me (who?)
Hop on the jet, come with me, and come live comfortably (come)
I ain’t bringin’ my gang, you ain’t bringin’ your friends, we don’t need no company (Nah)
If I hit me a lick, and I told you I’m hot, would you go on a run with me? (Run)Continue Reading… 

3. Migos – Mahomes Song

Mahomes Song Lyrics By Migos:

BGudini, spell that shit

S-U-C-C-E-S-S, havin’ success
B-L-E-S-S, yes, niggas is blessed
Ten toes down, that’s a bag in Atlanta (Ten toes)
It ain’t no pressure, but you still keep a hammer (No, no)
Bitches on bitches, like to fuck they friends
They done lowered their standards and errybody cool with it
Young niggas sending them shots, just bought a new chopperContinue Reading… 

4. Migos – Malibu Song

Malibu Song Lyrics By Migos:

You understand what I’m sayin’?
Pooh, you a fool for this one
Hey, hey

I bought me a drop (Drop)
I’m switchin’ out hoes and thots (Switch out the thots)
I Richie’d the watch (Richie)
I made me an M on the spot (M on the spot)Continue Reading… 

5. Migos – Light It Up Song

Light It Up Song Lyrics By Migos & Pop Smoke:

(Trap House Mob)
(This is a Melo beat)
Huh, wait
Yeah (Hahaha)
Soo, soo (Woo), woo
Woo (Grrt), woo
Woo, skrrt (Blaow)
Woo (Blaow), woo

Light it up for a fifty ball (Fifty)
Then I spend it on your bitch (Bitch)
And my charm like a crystal ball (Crystal)Continue Reading… 

6. Migos – Picasso Song

Picasso Song Lyrics By Migos & Future:

Yeah, yeah, yeah (DJ Durel)
(Yeah, Pluto)

Put a fifty round on that Glock
Plush leather when you dropping the top
I push a button, now I can’t stop
I’m doing donuts, turning out the lot
Staying vibed out at the spot
A mill’ ticket when I pop out
Feeding all the trill bitches lobsterContinue Reading… 

7. Migos – Time for Me Song

Time for Me Song Lyrics By Migos:

I ‘preciate you
You makin’ me realize all the time I wasted
Thinkin’ ’bout them bando days, goin’ back to the basic
But I don’t really think you know that though
So I thought I’d explain it

In the bando I hated starvin’ (Starvin’)
In the bando I hated starvin’ (Bando)
So many late nights I had to lock in
Spinnin’ and finessin’ niggas, robbin’ (Spinnin’)Continue Reading… 

8. Migos – Birthday Song

Birthday Song Lyrics By Migos:

Got it on smash
OG Parker

When that drink kick in, she feel sexy (Sexy)
Flexin’ on the ‘gram, made her @ me (@ me)
Cash kicked in on the worst day (Cash)
Quit cap’n girl, you know it ain’t your birthday (Birthday)
Ay’ who birthday? Put yo hand up
You get a purse bae, if she bad enough
She get a car today (Skrrt), hit that dash, skate (Skrrt)Continue Reading… 

9. Migos – Roadrunner Song

Roadrunner Song Lyrics By Migos:

You know what I’m saying?
Niggas done forgot about this shit, mane, uh
These niggas trippin’, uh

Maison Margiela, I’m dripping, I’m stepping
They know that I’m repping my gang (Gang)
Wokhardt, the Perky, the Addy
I’m mixing the dope, I got dope in my chain (Dope)Continue Reading… 

10. Migos – Vaccine Song

Vaccine Song Lyrics By Migos:

Pop out (skrrt, skrrt)
What’s up?
We makin’ money in quarantine (quarantine)
Dirty my stick and my whip clean (whip clean)
It’s a blue Benjamin’s vaccine (vaccine)
Need to bounce back, now I’m taxing (taxing)
Fuck up the trap, we go tag team (tag team)
Talk on FaceTime, there’s no texting (no texting)
Holdin’ the fire, who gon’ press me? (press me)Continue Reading… 

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