Top 10 Lil Durk Songs 2021 | Best of Lil Durk Songs 2021

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1. Lil Durk – Voice of the Heroes Song

Voice of the Heroes Song Lyrics By Lil Baby & Lil Durk:

TouchofTrent be wildin’ with it

Missed out on my kids life for a year and I gotta accept it
Certain days niggas never came to my shows and I felt neglected
Growin’ up seein’ my uncle dyin’ in his bed, that shit made me reckless
Pourin’ up and I ain’t never shared my meds, and I ain’t bein extra
And I paid like two of my niggas bonds before I bought a necklace
I done seen my brother stack his bricks up and it look like Tetris
Havin’ real shootout up on the E-Way, you can’t miss your exitContinue Reading… 

2. Lil Durk – Make It Out Song

Make It Out Song Lyrics By Lil Baby & Lil Durk:


I told my daughter, she don’t understand who her daddy is
I’ll tell you somethin’ to run your mouth, but I bet he did
Landlord came to pick the rent up, but I ain’t let him in
It’s not being embarrassed, I’m too addicted to this medicine
Hundred-thousand on my, take it back, tell him, “Don’t threat again”
Pray to the high power, hope the judge give me a severance
Young niggas turnt up with the check, look like a settlementContinue Reading… 

3. Lil Durk – Rich Off Pain Song

Rich Off Pain Song Lyrics By Lil Baby & Lil Durk:

Pipe that shit up TnT
Nigga came from nothing, but still they gon’ hate
Whole life left me scarred, only the real can relate, yeah
Yeah, rich off pain

Nigga came from nothing, but still they gon’ hate
Whole life left me scarred, only the real can relate
And I come straight out them trenches and them fields everyday
Young nigga out that bottom, use my tears to motivate
And so much came, with this money and this fameContinue Reading… 

4. Lil Durk – If You Want To Song

If You Want To Song Lyrics By Lil Baby & Lil Durk:

(What’s happenin’, Chi Chi?)
The Voice
(Section 8 just straight cooked that muhfucker up)
The Hero
Ain’t nobody bigger than this here
That shit be script (Ahahaha)
Ayy, Baby, I told you, bruh, do you hear me?
Doin’ four hundred first week, nigga

We beat the odds, got it poppin’, this shit ain’t usual
When everybody want something, feel like they usin’ you
I wanna turn up some more, but for what? I keep it coolContinue Reading… 

5. Lil Durk – Up the Side Song

Up the Side Song Lyrics By Lil Baby & Lil Durk:

(Wheezy outta here)

Voice of the Heroes of the Streets

Young Spider checkin’ in, ah

Big Faces, Little Faces, Mix it up
Everywhere you see me I got the semi tucked
Gave her a rack, the first day, now she look like a prostitute
I gotta really bad bad bad bitch tying my shoesContinue Reading… 

6. Lil Durk – 2040 Song

2040 Song Lyrics By Lil Baby & Lil Durk:

They don’t want no beef, you know what I’m sayin’?
I’m like, yeah, I’ma fuck with ’em, though
Flexin’ on that—

I’m doin’ donuts in my neighborhood, it made me feel good
I swore I would never do that shit again, but still do it
I feel better with no IG but I’m too big of an influenceContinue Reading… 

7. Lil Durk – Lying Song

Lying Song Lyrics By Lil Baby & Lil Durk:

Yeah, Smurk
I ain’t gon’ lie, this shit be
I be on that shmurda shit, that shit over with
Like that, no auto
Gang (ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob)
Man, what?

Niggas bitches, act like they be getting switches, niggas lyin’
Hit my DM like they killers, niggas really ain’t outsideContinue Reading… 

8. Lil Durk – Okay Song

Okay Song Lyrics By Lil Baby & Lil Durk:

Why the fuck they put my business on the blogs?
Sisters know they never gotta get a job
Brodie said he rather spin shit and rob
Damn dawg, he ain’t playing dawg
That’s your plan dawg?
This your man dawg, fuck both of them, I want ’em all gone

Shit been get shaky, I’m staying where I’m safe at
Couple spots, I don’t know where I stay atContinue Reading… 

9. Lil Durk – Bruised Up Song

Bruised Up Song Lyrics By Lil Baby & Lil Durk:

Oh, no
Oh, no, no
I like to sing my pain away
(ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob)

They left me bruised up, they tried to leave me used up
I was confused ’cause the ones I love ain’t prove much
I did everything they asked and they ain’t do much
And they ain’t call me to plead they case, and it’d been two months
Posting guns on your page, that put us all in dangerContinue Reading… 

10. Lil Durk – Man of My Word Song

Man of My Word Song Lyrics By Lil Baby & Lil Durk:

You don’t know what it took
(Nile, I hear you)
(You made this shit, Pharaoh)

[?] acting funny, I brought out her titties
Nigga she be fucking ain’t none of my business
Upping my pole, that’s a part of my fitness
Don’t matter where I’m at, bitch, I’m known for the trenches
We the first niggas put drums in the cityContinue Reading… 

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