Top 10 H.E.R. Songs 2021 | Best of H.E.R. Songs 2021

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1. H.E.R. – Slide Song

Slide Song Lyrics By H.E.R.:

You always wearin’ them glasses
You don’t wanna let no sucker look you in your eyes, huh?
Better show off them eyelashes
You love what you do with a passion
Ooh, that shit attractive
I fuck with you, girl

All he wanna do is gas me
How we end up in the backseat?Continue Reading… 

2. H.E.R. – Damage Song

Damage Song Lyrics By H.E.R.:

If you got it, it ain’t no question
No, it ain’t no room for guessin’
No more than emotionally invested (No, no)
Showin’ you all my imperfections, oh

If I let you, you’ll take me for granted, yeah (You, you, you, you)
If I’m worth more than you could manage, manage, yeah
Open with me, oh, we could be honest
Closer to me, oh, givin’ me silence
Promise that you won’t let me fall, oh, ohContinue Reading… 

3. H.E.R. – Come Through Song

Come Through Song Lyrics By H.E.R.:

Almost missed my flight today
I look good, even though I feel shitty
I just got back out this way
You already got plans for the city
Call ’em off, could you call ’em off for me?
You’re always going on and on
Got it all, ask me why I never leave
I don’t go out much

But you should come through tonight
I’m chilling on the Westside, boo
Call my homegirl, tell your best friendContinue Reading… 

4. H.E.R. – Hold On Song

Hold On Song Lyrics By H.E.R.:


Holding me
You ain’t been holding on to me
I can’t wait too long, I don’t wanna keep
It’s hard to sleep
Want to be free
Want to be free

How do you get somewhere comfortable then leave?
Say something baby, something baby
Running to you, running from meContinue Reading… 

5. H.E.R. – We Made It Song

We Made It Song Lyrics By H.E.R.:

Me, me
Me, me

I’ve been really feelin’ like
Always been a long time
There was early mornings, late nights
We was prayin’ for the sunshine
Oh, and this whole time, I’ve been at it
If you want it outside, you won’t get it
Can’t break me, I won’t let it
Won’t let it
And now I feel like a milli’
I hope you rockin’ with me
Before we was hot like the summerContinue Reading… 

6. H.E.R. – Back of My Mind Song

Back of My Mind Song Lyrics By H.E.R.:

Yeah-ayy, ayy-ayy
Ayy, yeah, yeah, ayy, ayy
Mm-hmm, hmm
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm (Ooh, ooh, ooh), mm-hmm
Yeah, ayy

Oh, when it gets to me
I be thinkin’ way too hard ’bout our history
Oh, you ain’t answer, you was gone, you a mystery
I should’ve never got involved with you (Oh)
I set it off with you (Oh)
I set it off with you, I barely talked to you (Ooh)Continue Reading… 

7. H.E.R. – My Own Song

My Own Song Lyrics By H.E.R.:

Said I been away too long
Every time I hear that song
I don’t wanna hear it no more
Baby, I can’t take no more from you
I don’t wanna play no more
Don’t be goin’ back and forth on me
I be already on call
Even when I know it’s wrong for me
Somethin’, don’t know, but it’s somethin’
I don’t wanna work for somethin’ knowin’ it ain’t worth it
Oh, comin’, you knew it was comin’
You should know that I don’t act like that without a purpose, oh, no
Call me crazy, baby, you just bring it out of me (Uh)Continue Reading… 

8. H.E.R. – Trauma Song

Trauma Song Lyrics By H.E.R. & Hit-Boy:

Na, na-na, na, na, na
Na, na, na-na, na
Na, na, na, oh
Na, na-na, na, na, na

Public perception is often deception, uh
I think somebody needs to tell the truth, yeah
Killin’ my ego through my self-reflections, uh
Somethin’ that we all fail to do, hmm
Why does compassion get treated as weakness?Continue Reading… 

9. H.E.R. – Closer to Me Song

Closer to Me Song Lyrics By H.E.R.:


Been inconsistent for a minute
Just listen for a moment
Lay here, don’t leave me (Leave me)
Oh, I was hoping we could be closer
Just hold me when it’s shaky
Say you still need me, yeah (Uh, yeah)

Sometimes I feel like you don’t tell me you fuck with me enough (Oh)
‘Cause the whole time, you were giving away what should have been my love (Yeah, my love)

Always in lust
I can’t worry and trust you, babyContinue Reading… 

10. H.E.R. – Paradise Song

Paradise Song Lyrics By H.E.R.:

Bordeux and Non Native

It’s a lot of things I did wrong
But I’m hopin’ you’re at home
‘Cause I’m movin’ all alone
And I need you right now
I need you
I ain’t worry ’bout the games they play
They ain’t got a damn thing on you
It feel better with you

Girl, I’m on the way
But try not to get your hopes upContinue Reading… 

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