Top 10 Eminem Songs 2021 | Best of Eminem Songs 2021

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1. Eminem – Killer (Remix) Song

Killer (Remix) Song Lyrics By Eminem, Jack Harlow & Cordae:

(Killer) Yeah
I’m a (Boy’s crazy), I’m a cold-blooded (Killer)
Made all this money from doin’ this (Yeah, look)
​d.a. got that dope

Now count it, five, ten, yeah, fifteen, twenty
Twenty-five, thirty, yeah, get the money
Throw it in the furnace, yeah, this shit be funny
Earn it just to burn it, swag drip—

I used to rock a toboggan
Headphones around my neck, tryna be like ShadyContinue Reading… 

2. Eminem – Zeus Song

Zeus Song Lyrics By Eminem feat. White Gold:

She says I am trash, but she listens to Tekashi (Damn)
Bitch, U lost me (Yeah)
Fair weather, wishy-washy
She thinks Machine washed me (What?)
Swear to God, man, her favorite rapper wish he’d crossed me (Yeah)
I love conflict, got a obnoxious (What?) subconscious (Yeah)
I’m afraid to unlock it (Nah)
Keep those monsters in the closet
I’m what an idiotic (‘Otic) savant is (Savant is)Continue Reading… 

3. Eminem – She Loves Me Song

She Loves Me Song Lyrics By Eminem:

She loves me, she loves Mi knot
Not for who I am, but what I got, yeah
And, I don’t wanna blow up her spot
But da-na-na-na-na-da-na (Whoo)
Lady, I’ve been watchin’ U from the back every time that U walk past
Hate to put U on blast but U got a bomb ass (Yeah)
Been checkin’ U out ever since the second U stepped in through Nani’s dressing room
Girl, you’re stunning, I’d bet that you’d zap me if I was next to you
Spark’ll fly, I expect them too
I’d be shocked if they didn’t, ’cause you’re Carmen Electrocute (Cutie)Continue Reading… 

4. Eminem – Tone Deaf Song

Tone Deaf Song Lyrics By Eminem:

Yeah, I’m sorry (Huh?)
What did U say?
Oh, I can’t hear you
I have an ear infucktion and I cunt finger it out (Out, haha)
(I need auto tune)

It’s Mi alter-ego’s fault, these evil thoughts can be so dark
Cerebral palsy, three Zolofts
I eat those off to Rico Suave, look it up
Cadillac with a ladder rack in the back, with a cracked axel
A backpack full of Paxil
A black satchel, a nap sack and a flask full of ‘gnac and Jack Daniels
Girl, let’s go back, back to Mi castle (Yeah)Continue Reading… 

5. Eminem – Yah Yah Song

Yah Yah Song Lyrics By Eminem:

Yah, yah, yah, yah, yah (People)
Yah, yah, yah, yah, yah (Bitches)
Yah, yah, yah, yah, yah (Animals)
Yah, yah, yah, yah, yah

Bumstickitty, bumstickitty, bum huh
I got that old rum-pum-pum-pum
A punk’ll jump up to get him a beat down
At least sound, I sound like these clowns, like he sound
My flow all over the place, .44 in the waistContinue Reading… 

6. Eminem – Those Kinda Nights Song

Those Kinda Nights Song Lyrics By Eminem:

Damn, girl, with your sexy ass, haha
Let me holla at you
D.A. got that dope
(It’s one of those kinda nights)

Yes, this beat’s takin’ me back to my D12 days
When we hit the club to go and hell-raise
Probably end up baggin’ the cocktail waitress
And takin’ her straight back to the Motel-8
Yeah, Bizarre’s tryna get a lap dance
Off a Xanax and Jack Dan’ (Ayo)
Stripper walk by, I’m like “Goddamn”
She’s like “That’s harassment,” I’m like “Yeah, and?” (Woo)Continue Reading… 

7. Eminem – You Gon’ Learn Song

You Gon’ Learn Song Lyrics By Eminem:

Pray u see tomorrow lil’ boy, u gon’ learn
All them pretty bitches leave yo’ ass in the urn
u ain’t sold ur last rock, u just better earn
But I pray u see tomorrow lil’ boy, u gon’ learn
Pray u see tomorrow lil’ boy, u gon’ learn
All them pretty bitches leave yo’ ass in the urn
u ain’t sold ur last rock, u just better earn
But I pray u see tomorrow lil’ boy, u gon’ learn

I’m a product of properly hoppin’ up out of that poverty
Profitin’ all for coppin’ and scrappin’ that property all for a possible monopoly
Try not to adopt my father’s old philosophiesContinue Reading… 

8. Eminem – Unaccommodating Song

Unaccommodating Song Lyrics By Eminem:

Oh, this what we doin’? Alright

I like a bitch that like to wobble, wobble
Shake it, shake it, break it, break it
Nigga, we made it, made it, they hate it, hate it
Pro professional, pure persistent, I’m paper chasing
I hate complaining, I hated waiting, I’ll pay for patience
But I hate to pay a bill (Hate that)

And I made a mil without a major deal (I made that)
Yeah, her ass fake, but she came for real (She came, uh)
Money ain’t a thing, that ain’t a thing for realContinue Reading… 

9. Eminem – Thus Far (Interlude) Song

Thus Far (Interlude) Song Lyrics By Eminem:

Perhaps I should mention that we have decided that this
The flip, or “homicide,” is a little special
A little too macabre for the squeamish
Therefore, we have labeled it—Continue Reading… 

10. Eminem – Higher Song

Higher Song Lyrics By Eminem:

U know I’ve been around for a while now
Not sure if I have much left to prove
Yeah, I do, haha

I look at me now I’m thinkin, “Damn”
How proud of me I am
What I did, it’s nothin’ to sneeze at
Even if your allergies R bad
I’m up in a balcony in FranceContinue Reading… 

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