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There Is Life Cartoon Lyrics is written by David Friedman. This Cartoon Song is Performed by Alison Krauss. Here One can find There Is Life Song Lyrics Pdf, There Is Life Cartoon Song Lyrics in Hindi & English, There Is Life Song Ringtone, There Is Life Cartoon Song Download, There Is Life Song Mp3 Download. Get There Is Life song lyrics here Below.

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There Is Life Cartoon Song Information:

Song There Is Life
Movie Bambi 2 Cartoon
Lyricist David Friedman
Performed Alison Krauss

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There Is Life Cartoon Song Lyrics:

Under the snow
Beneath the frozen streams
There is life
You’ll have to know
When nature sleeps she dreams
There is lifeAnd the colder the winter
The warmer the spring
The deeper the sorrow
The more our hearts sing
Even when you can’t see it
Inside everything
There is life

After the rain
The sun will reappear
There is life
After the pain
The joy will still be here
There is life

For it’s out of the darkness
That we learn to see
And out of the silence
That songs come to be
And all that we dream of
Awaits patiently
There is life!
There is life

There Is Life Cartoon Song Lyrics in Hindi:

बर्फ के नीचे
जमी हुई धाराओं के नीचे
जीवन है
आपको जानना पड़ेगा
जब प्रकृति सोती है तो वह सपने देखती है
जीवन है

और सर्दी जुकाम
वसंत ऋतु गर्म
दुःख जितना गहरा
जितना हमारा दिल गाता है
यहां तक कि जब आप इसे देख नहीं सकते
हर चीज के अंदर
जीवन है

बारिश के बाद
सूरज फिर से प्रकट होगा
जीवन है
दर्द के बाद
आनंद अभी भी यहाँ होगा
जीवन है

क्योंकि यह अंधेरे से बाहर है
कि हम देखना सीखें
और सन्नाटे से बाहर
वो गाने आते हैं
और वह सब जिसका हम सपना देखते हैं
धैर्य से इंतजार करता है
जीवन है!
जीवन है


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