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The Last Backyard… Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by YoungBoy Never Broke Again. The Last Backyard… song lyrics are written & performed by YoungBoy Never Broke Again and this song is was released at the official youtube channel YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Here One can find The Last Backyard… Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. The Last Backyard… Song Ringtone, Mp3 Music, and Mobile HD Wall Paper.

The Last Backyard… Song Information:

Song Title The Last Backyard…
Singer YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Release date
September 11, 2020
Label YoungBoy Never Broke Again

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The Last Backyard… Song Lyrics By YoungBoy Never Broke Again:

It’s on fool

I ain’t lettin’ ’em talk how they wanna
Kill ’em, they try to play me
Hustlin’, got plenty paper
Try to take it, I’m gon’ knock some off
Smokin’ on paper, keepin’ my mind on murder
Fuck dissin’, we tryna catch the bitch in person
That’s when it goes down
Ain’t no pick and choose (Nah), we don’t ever lose
We known to break the rules (Ah)
Put that stick on dude
Now them niggas screamin’ they gon’ stretch me too
Blow his mind soon as that bitch go boom
Like design, we don’t leave no clues
You want my name, I want your head
So what the fuck you wanna do?

I’m puttin’ ’em straight on the news
Them choppers screamin’ like ooh
I’m puttin’ ’em straight on the news

They gon’ say they got the police tryna stop him
He run his mouth ’bout Top ‘nem
Got the drop and them we popped him
Should be glad that your not him
In my Rolls Royce ridin’ with no tint
Got them sticks on us like tree limbs
Big Glocks, big knots, they know him
We be ridin’ around on big rims
We schemin’ tryna zip him and all the rest
Shawty hangin’ ’round a bitch ‘nem, we gon’ put ’em all to rest
The ones that follow chicks, I’m really ballin’
What I got buy all again, Backyardigans

I’m puttin’ ’em straight on the news
Them choppers screamin’ like ooh
I’m puttin’ ’em straight on the news

Drivin’ fast, can’t get a pass, you crash, nigga (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
Cross the line, we gon’ bust his ass
We gon’ do ’em bad, leave ’em smashed, nigga (Boom, boom, bah)
Ridin’ around with these chains on, got my pockets filled with that bag, nigga
Fuck all these hoes then I send them home, and I finish flexin’ while you’re mad, nigga (Mad, ha)
When I up, release the whole mag nigga (I’m in here)
Don’t buy the hoes at all, they tend to slow me down and they won’t stop (Nah)
They mad I don’t be tryin’ and I’m hot (And I’m hot)
Buy that Bentley and I buy another car (Another car)
I have ’em wonderin’ how I done got all this money, what the fuck?
Got a watch on both my arms when they see me pullin’ up (Yeah, yeah)
Got all these youngins with me armed, nigga, we don’t give a fuck
It go down, shoot it up
We bust and leave a nigga stuck, run with the crowd, catch up with us

I’m puttin’ ’em straight on the news
Them choppers screamin’ like ooh
I’m puttin’ ’em straight on the news, yeah

I put a bitch on the news

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