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That Ain’t Beautiful Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Sam Hunt. That Ain’t Beautiful song was released at the official youtube channel Sam Hunt from the album Southside. Here One can find That Ain’t Beautiful Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. That Ain’t Beautiful Song Ringtone, Mp3 Music and Mobile HD Wall Paper.

That Ain’t Beautiful Song Information:

Song Title That Ain’t Beautiful
Singer Sam Hunt
Album Southside
Genre Country
Release date 3 April 2020
Recorded Nashville, Tennessee
Label MCA Nashville Records

That Ain’t Beautiful Song Lyrics By Sam Hunt:

U can cake on all that make-up
And steal your roommate’s dress
Take pictures of your good side in the bathroom at the bar
Call your friend a slut for leaving the party early
With a guy who never looked at you

And U can split an Adderall with a stranger in the bathroom stall
Send a misspelled text to an ex who put his fist through your bedroom wall
‘Cause being treated like shit
Is really comfortable to you
Know what I’m sayin’? (No, no, no)

That ain’t beautiful
No, that ain’t you
U can do better
Oh, U can do better, better

U can fly to Turks and Caicos in the seats U can’t afford
‘Cause some girl U met 6 months ago asked U to be in her wedding
Get pissed at your plus one even though he’s just a friend
For looking up the girl from LSU on Instagram

With the drunk bridesmaids diving for the bouquet, spilling Cabernet on the dance floor
And you’re in the back with your arms crossed being a bad sport
And U wake up in the morning in the wrong room
U can’t find your passport and U call your momma crying on the bathroom floor

But that ain’t beautiful
No, that ain’t you
U can do better
Oh, U can do better, better

But that ain’t beautiful
No that ain’t you
U can do better
Oh, U can do better, better

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