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Story By Stevie Wonder Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Big Sean. Story By Stevie Wonder song lyrics is Given by Rogét Chahayed & Big Sean and video is produced by Rogét Chahayed & Big Sean. Here One can find Story By Stevie Wonder Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. Story By Stevie Wonder Song Ringtone, Mp3 Music Download and Mobile HD Wall Paper.

Story By Stevie Wonder Song Information:

Song Title Story By Stevie Wonder
Singer Big Sean
Lyricist Rogét Chahayed & Big Sean
Producer Rogét Chahayed & Big Sean
Release Date September 4, 2020


Story By Stevie Wonder Song Lyrics By Big Sean:

Hey, this is Stevie
I was blessed to be raised in the west side of Detroit
I lived on Breckenridge, that was the first home that we lived in
mi neighborhood, where I was raised up
When the girls came around, I would sing
On the front porch, beating on the stairs and singing
For hours and hours upon hours
Seeing a piano for the first time
But the amazing thing as well is
Through those experiences, I was able to understand how
mi being blind because mi mother allowed me to be free
Didn’t mean that I had to be blind to the world
I may have had a visual disability
But did not stop mi vision inside me
I didn’t know what it was like being poor
Because God had made me rich
Even before I was born
Rich with the spirit of knowing that
Anything U imagine that’s for the good is possible to be a reality
Because a few weeks before I was discovered, I-
I had a dream that I heard mi music, mi record on the radio
I had nothing out, no one knew who I was, and, um
Amazing, it really happened
And so U know, it’s just, it’s…
I- I- I can say to other young people as I said to mi son Kailand
I said, “Listen, what U don’t understand
Is that God gave U a brand even before U were born
All U had to do in life is walk into it.”

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