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Nad Tatrou sa blýska” (English: “Lightning over the Tatras”, '”Above Tatras is Lightning”‘) is the National Anthem of Slovakia. The origins of it are in the Central European activism of the 19th century.

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National Anthem of Slovakia Information:

Lyricist Janko Matúška
Music Unknown
Adopted 1993
Official Language Slovak

Slovakia National Anthem Lyrics in Slovak:

Nad Tatrou sa blýska
Hromy divo bijú
Zastavme ich, bratia
Veď sa ony stratia
Slováci ožijú

To Slovensko naše
Posiaľ tvrdo spalo
Ale blesky hromu
Vzbudzujú ho k tomu
Aby sa prebralo

Už Slovensko vstáva
Putá si strháva
Hej, rodina milá
Hodina odbila
Žije matka Sláva

Ešte jedle rastú
Na krivánskej5strane
Kto jak Slovák cíti
Nech sa šable chytí
A medzi nás stane

Slovakia National Anthem Lyrics in English:

There is lightning over the Tatras
Thunders loudly sound
Let us stop them, brothers
After all they will disappear
The Slovaks will revive

That Slovakia of ours
Had been sleeping by now
But the thunder’s lightnings
Are rousing the land
To wake it up

Slovakia is already rising
Tearing off Her shackles
Hey, dear family
The hour has struck
Mother Glory is alive

Firs are still growing
On the slopes of Kriváň5
Who feels to be a Slovak
Let him take a sabre
And stand among us



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