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SKR Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Zoe. The song was released on May 14th, 2020. Here One can find SKR Song Lyrics Pdf, SKR Song Lyrics in French, Spanish & English, SKR Song Ringtone, SKR Song Download, SKR Song Mp3 Download. Get SKR song lyrics here Below.

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SKR Song Information:

Song Title SKR
Singer Zoe
Releasing Date
May 14th, 2020.
Producer Craig Silvey
Music Label Zoe

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SKR Song Lyrics By Zoe:

With Your Color Smiles,
Painted Melodies In The Air
A Fragrance Of Pain
He Made Me Touch That Which Was Immutable…uuh
I Erased My Personal Story, With A Dimensional Fans
And I Restarted My Heart, To See If I Could Love Again…
It Was Alway’ You, The Light Of My Bein’, Star Of The Dawn,

Oh My Sun I’ll Not Give Up, I Have To Fight
For The Hope Of Love…
With The Membranes Of Your Smel, 
I Built Myself Castles Of Revenges
Croppeed On The Pillows In Furor
Lookin’ For Remains Of A Beautiful Childhood…uuh
A Magic Fulgor Rests
In My Timular Muladar
Strambotic Misanthrop
Rhetoric Of Fragile Youth’s…
It Was Alway’ You, The Light Of My Bein’, Star Of The Dawn,
Oh My Sun And I’m Not Givin’ Up,
I Have To Fight
For The Hope Of Love…
Love Horror, Human Error To Have Believ’

In Temptation…
Love Horror, Deep Error Have Fallen
Fear Of Fear…
I Miss You,
Beautiful Woman
Alba Star
Oh My Sun I Feel Die
So Far Away From Me, 
Nothin’ Is Forever…
That Solitude, Damned Anxiety, Is Not A Vanity Of Spirit
It’ll Be The Dark Night Of The Soul,
It’ll Be The Routes That’s Takes Me
Tranquility, Vulnerability, Everythin’ That Was Left Here

Flashes Of Light, Infernal Sadness
Love Song, Compassion’s
Always Try To Give You The Best, But I’m A Perfect Idiots…

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