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Section 60 Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by TPL. Section 60 song lyrics are Given by TScam (Active Gxng), O’mizz (TPL), Jojo (TPL), Td (TPL) & Suspect (Active Gxng), and This song was released at the official youtube channel Touch Paper Lane. Here One can find Section 60 Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. Section 60 Song Ringtone, Mp3 Music Download, and Mobile HD Wall Paper.

Section 60 Song Information:

Song Title Section 60
Singer TPL
Lyricist TScam (Active Gxng), O’mizz (TPL), Jojo (TPL), Td (TPL) & Suspect (Active Gxng)
Release date September 13, 2020
Music Label Touch Paper Lane

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Section 60 Song Lyrics By TPL:

DT5 on the beat
Active Gang, TPL, Free Bills, Free Yolo
A Team step and leave man stretched
DC step and dem man jet

4 wheel drive on the Broadwater
Mario Kart, let’s go, let’s go (Let’s go)
Wet man down like Costa coffee or corn fly like misterio
Bally on mi face, would’ve thought I was Jo
Chit chat on the net, come taste this pole
O—- ain’t slapped off shit, he’s a joke
Round to the A-Class like Usain Bolt

Circle the O with the sammi on me
Shotgun bark, now I see high knees
Rambo cut through tech fleece
Slice and dice, that’s hella mince meat (Hella)
Walk in the place, see hella bad b’s
Jakes on mi arse, tryna find where I creep
Why pree, why pree?
CPN got me doing high knees (Aw man, runnin’)

They just jump on the net and diss me
Give me a drop and I’ll get round quickly
3 man step tryna leave man 6 feet
Had the whole borough under Section 60
This corn here for a man, no YO
Get a man down and we get down pickney
There’s no way I’ll sleep on a vio
Now U got “Long Live shh” in your bio

This guy that I got no chill
These bells come fat like Uncle Phil
12 gauge short like carton
It got chopped, it used to be tall like Will
Juice gets spilled
Zoots get billed
Come like Match of the Day
The way we bake in the trap and alive the drills

Wait for the call like Willy Hill (RIP)
Or is it a confirmed kill?
Don’t catch feelings, we catch bodies (Big ones)
And we don’t cR how your mum feels
Mask on, chingin’, grinnin’
Prayin’ CCTV don’t catch mi grills
Fuck peace

Rest in piss, —- got put in a RAW
See man buckle, fall on the floor
Get bored, scream stop, what U tek this for?
Got ignored and chinged up more
Civilians watchin’, oh, war is war
Course mi soldiers steppin’
Feel like James when I grip this fours
Two in the Q, that’s 007
I’m from the 1st and fuck with 7s
If I don’t catch him, Greasy, get him

Oi bro, I need to reload
Ain’t talking Zanco and kilos
We caught the handy, call it Mandy
Cock it back and pray the teeth do bite (Bow)
—- got shot in the ends, no way (No way)
mi brodie —- try give him a ching (Ching)
mi mates fire, it’s beating off sticks
The opps R shit
Came to mi block with a dead ass beater
So many cars, ain’t got no heaters
Manna save that shot like a keeper
Now I’m in the Nizz with a brand new beater
If I see Dapps in sight, then creep up
Make man jump, take flight like Jordan
If he don’t die, the night will haunt him
It’s not a game, he can’t respawn in (Game over)

Can’t live off mummi and daddy
So I have to wake up and go and get it (Yes I do)
Likkle man talking all that badness
I don’t even think he’s on cheffings (No he ain’t)
G19, that’s fully automatic, that’s unlimited pressings
Or it might be the ZK, zombie on me, hashtag brilliant wetting (Ching him)
Can’t lie the beef weren’t frying
But now there’s no way the war’s deadin’
To the —- man’s headin’
O’mizz and GB screamin’ “Get him!” (Get him)
Two on the dots, what the fuck were U thinking?
Chat like one kingpin but in the ends, you’re a fuckin’ victim (U are)
Broski linked me with the Smithon

Lemme state some facts (Some facts)
—- got caught on a lack
Put in a riz and turned to a pack
— got did in his chest
Straight through his tee
I think it came out his back

That’s only half of what’s in mi ash
They’re literally ghostin’
We have to go heaven to find most of their gang
They thought there was 3 S’s on the ride
But I swear there was actually 4 (True)
Cah S was with S
And S put the ting in S
Hear the ding-dong roar
T got chopped in Qwez like a box of loud
He never turned to a score

And anytime I do me a booting
Straight sauna, gunpowder on mi paws (Bow)
And this bitch wan’ ask (Bitch)
Why do I still have bootcuts?
I’m in the ride with the whoosh
The dinger’s all squashed
Oi Suspect, move up (Move)
Slip then you’re gonna get juiced up

Bad one suck me off like a hoover (Bad b)
I done it on foot, I done it on pedals
I done it on a fuckin’ scooter
I was in the T tryna make millions
Went jail, didn’t get mi HTC
I got TT flake on me
If I back this whoosh, they’ll skate from me
Me and A Kid done ran it up
We’ve been round bread like a bakery (mi bro)
And KA’s itchin’ to slap it
I tell him, “Just take it off safety g.”

BA done slapped it bait (Bow)
Blitz and H don slapped it bait (Bow)
They’re brothers, not twins
Put a wap in their hands
They both look the same
I was in the trap just doing up wrestling (Uh-uuh)
Call Jo, headlock this caine (True)
I’mma put this all in tickets
Then watch this disappear like David Blaine
Bad b cattin’ for the kid
She knows I’m on drills and likes the way I rhyme (Uh-uuh)
TScam and I’ve never been a boxer
Back mi shank out mi Calvin Kleins (No way)
And talk on the gang, don’t be silly
U don’t wanna end up like that Calvin guy
Cah he got caught and cheffed
Nah, he’s in a zoot and he’s in the sky

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