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The “National Anthem of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” (Arabic: النشيد الوطني السعودي‎, an-Našīd al-Waṭanī as-Saʿūdī‎, '”Chant of the Saudi Nation”‘) was first officially adopted in 1950 without lyrics. The piece was gifted by the then Egyptian King Farouq when King Abdulaziz made a visit to Egypt.

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National Anthem of Saudi Arabia Information:

Lyricist ‎Ibrāhīm Khafājī
Music ‎Abdul-Raḥman al-Khaṭīb
Adopted 1950
Official Language Arabic

Saudi Arabia National Anthem Lyrics in Arabic:

،لِلْمَجْدِ وَالْعَلْيَاء
!مَجِّدِي لِخَالِقِ الْسَّمَاء
وَارْفَعِي الْخَفَّاقَ الْأَخْضَر
،يَحْمِلُ الْنُّورَ الْمُسَطَّر
!رَدِّدِي اللهُ أَكْبَر
!يَا مَوْطِنِي
!عِشْتَ فَخْرَ الْمُسْلِمِين
عَاشَ الْمَلِك

Saudi Arabia National Anthem Lyrics in English:

To glory and supremacy,
Glorify the Creator of the heavens!
And raise the green flag
Carrying the written light reflecting guidance,
Repeat: God is the greatest!
O my country!
My country,
Live as the pride of Muslims!
Long live the KingFor the flag
And the homeland!


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