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Restore Me Lyrics is the latest soundtrack presented by ‘Lecrae‘. The song is from the album ‘Restoration’ & the music is produced by Ritual Film Co. The song was released at ‘Lecrae’ official youtube channel on August 21st, 2020. Here One can find Restore Me Song Lyrics Pdf, Restore Me Song Lyrics in French, Spanish & English, Restore Me Song Ringtone, Restore Me Song Download, Restore Me Song Mp3 Download. Get Restore Me song lyrics here Below.

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Restore Me Song Information:

Song Title Restore Me
Singer Lecrae
Producer Ray Castro, Ace Harris, Alex Medina
Music Label Lecrae

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Restore Me Song Lyrics By Lecrae:

Restore me
Restore me
I lost everythin’ I had inside a couple years
Lost my faith, I lost my mind, I lost a lot of tears
I spoke up ’bout these problems that I saw outside
People turned they back on me, you would swear I died
Molested, abused, abandoned, arrested, accused, and stranded
I grew up with all this trauma, it’s nothin’, forget it happened
Until years later it shows up, life is startin’ to blow up
Faith is startin’ to crumble, these critics startin’ to mumble
Oh my God, I feel dead inside, feel like suicide
Gone too far to turn back, he said, “Boy, you tellin’ lies”
Was deep inside these trenches of the Devil’s lair
They say, “How’d you get up out?”, I just said a prayer…
Use all this pain, use all this hurt to grow me
If that’s what it takes to know what I am worth
Restore me, yeah, yeah!
Use all this pain, use all this hurt to grow me, yeah!
If that’s what it takes to know what I am worth
Restore me…

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