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Pure Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by D-Block Europe. Pure song was released on the official youtube channel GRM Daily from the album The Blue Print – Us Vs. Them. Here One can find Pure Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. Download Pure Song Ringtone, Pure Song Mp3 Download.

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Pure Song Information:

Song Title Pure
Singer D-Block Europe
Album The Blue Print – Us Vs. Them
Release date October 9, 2020
Music Label GRM Daily

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Pure Song Lyrics By D-Block Europe:

(KookUp, what’s up?)
(Turn me up, Zento)

I seen Mi first memories on them bando floors
We get the trap, wee, wee, yeah, check the score
I got the Range Rover, somethin’ black with the mash, do U get it?
She want some VVS’, check her hand, that’s her plan, do U get it?
I swear to God, that’s Mi darling and I pay the tab, black debit
Operation five G-packs in the back, they gon’ say
I got the molly and edibles broad day, turn a boy to a vegetable
Can’t get to the U.S., all Mi cases R fedеral, they impeccable
I’m whippin’ up crack, [?] storm and most of thеse niggas ’round, they pay
Like a Krispy Kreme, so clean, whippin’ up crack, got the glaze
I got some pain in Mi heart and I swear to God, U could tell by Mi face
Yeah, niggas hate me and LB, we was active, hittin’ niggas broad day

When this shit rains, it pours, I can tell that U niggas weren’t poor
I got a famous bitch, so what? Make her on the floor
Ten to 0, check the score
New car, come ball

See the nigga GG ain’t pure
LB, that’s for sure
Amiri jeans [?]
I’ve been with Chromes from a day
Hi-Tech or lemonade
Argue with bro, see their grave
Killer, killer, shoot him with the blick that put him down the curb
Gucci, blueprint, hit you, fuckin’ stupid
Are U ’bout to die ’bout your word?
And I’m with Chromes, that nigga a cat
I got some flake, came from a Turk
This bitch is the shit so I call her a turd
This nigga ain’t never killed no-one, I call him a nerd
Pull up, see the curb
Porsche Jeep, say the word

When this shit rains, it pours, I can tell that U niggas weren’t poor
I got a famous bitch, so what? Make her on the floor
Ten to 0, check the score
New car, come ball

I’m in a Range, black on black
U see the flash on the [?] (Flash on the [?])
From the stage straight to the trap
They know I was destined to win
The AP is wet like a tap
Sixty the ride
These niggas, they’re wishin’ for days
Mi nigga, he fresh home [?]
And that ain’t no cap
I heard that your killers, they miss
To niggas, I move antisocial (Uh-huh)
Got that bitch through the social
And I still feel the pain that I go through
We ain’t the same, bro, I told you
I guess the money gon’ clean so I’m sorta good
I ain’t gotta trap but I thought I should
Now I feed all the bros like I thought I would
Bro passed the exam when he learned to cook
I’ve been buyin’ these clothes and that’s devilish
I got a hoe that wants everything
Bro got a box and he pebble it
He comin’ up just like me and it’s evident
The trap spot is evident (Evident)
I love this hoe and she Heaven sent (Heaven sent)
I been missin’ Mi bro but when he come home, he gonna be back like he never left
It’s ten nil to us, we won again, they wanna get equal (Equal)
Mi killers the most, they pull up in cars, they scheme on your people (People)
I can’t change for the fame, bro, I know U (I know U)
Mi life is insane, I stay the same and I still show love like I’m supposed to


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