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Pompeji Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Deftones. Pompeji song was released at the official youtube channel Deftones from the album Ohms. Here One can find Pompeji Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. Download Pompeji Song Ringtone, Pompeji Song Mp3 Download.

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Pompeji Song Information:

Song Title Pompeji
Singer Deftones
Album Ohms
Producer Terry Date
Release date 25 September 2020
Music Label Reprise Records

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Pompeji Song Lyrics By Deftones:

Deep in the bottomless depths of the ocean
Empty bodies we sink
Open your eyes, U smile and release me
We slip down beneath and

Jesus Christ, U watch us fail
We raise our glasses and drink in hell

Locked in the core of the tower, I’m patient
In no hurry to leave
Life has been lonely, it might be forever
Making hard to believe in

Jesus Christ, we hold U to blame
U gave your life, but we died in vain

And ooh, we drink from the fountain of intent
And ooh, we choke on the water, then repent

In the street violent behavior
In chaos where it’s warm
Black omens call our cage, it’s electric
So we signal, we wait for

Jesus Christ, God raised U as
We raised our glasses and drank in hell

Ooh, we sip from the fountain of intent
And ooh, we choke on the water, then repent
Ooh, we drink from the fountain of intent
Ooh, we choke on the water, then repent


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