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Passamashloddy Cartoon Lyrics is written by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn. The music of this new Passamashloddy Animated Movie song is given by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn.  This Cartoon Movie Song is Sung by Jim Dale, Red Buttons and Ensemble. Here One can find Passamashloddy Song Lyrics Pdf, Passamashloddy Cartoon Song Lyrics in English, Spanish & Hindi, Passamashloddy Song Ringtone, Passamashloddy Cartoon Song Download, Passamashloddy Song Mp3 Download. Get Passamashloddy song lyrics here Below.

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Passamashloddy Cartoon Song Information:

Song Passamashloddy
Movie Pete’s Dragon Cartoon
Lyricist Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn
Music Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn
Singer Jim Dale, Red Buttons and Ensemble

Passamashloddy Cartoon Song Lyrics:

I’ve been bringing cures from Pilgrim Heights to Provincetown
Treated rabbit fever down on Queen Anne Road
Gout or gastritis, mumps or bronchitis
Bites and burns and blue abrasions
Got a pill for all occasionsLittle Sippewisse was so nice to visit
And Scroggy Neck is lovely to recall
But through all my trips
Good Lord there’s one place
One corner, one town on my lips
Why it’s -Poddomaquassy, uh, Paquamasoddy
No, no
Passamamassy, Quoddamapoddy, Passamadaddy
Quoddamapassy, Passamahoddy
Oh, I know
It’s Passamashloddy
It’s Passamaquoddy!
Of course, that’s what I meant to say

I took your drug for losing weight and now I’m a blob
But now there’s so much more of you to love

I wiped out impetigo on the banks of Buttermilk
Flu is under firm control in Powder Hole
Terminus potions, tablets and lotions
Major news in modern science
Step up now and join my clients

Spent a day in Buzzard’s Bay
They couldn’t keep me there
Even turned away from Kingdom Hall
They probably threw you out

My hair was gray and thanks to you it turned into pink
But that color, it’s so becoming
We’re gonna wash your phony tonics right down the sink

My friends, you’ve seen a miracle and you’ll see many more
People will come pouring in from land and sea
We’ll have centers for testing
Let’s start investing
Keep those dimes and dollars mounting
I’ll collect
I’ll do the counting

Everyone who lives here will be strong and healthy
You’ll be getting richer by the day
Hear them acclaim us
This town will be famous
The whole wide world will look at us and say

Poddomaquassy, no, Paquamasoddy
Qu-Qu-Quoddamapassy, Quoddamadaddy
Dappaddy, Dappamossy, Quoddapossy
Pwassapwassa, Passaquassa

Passamashloddy Cartoon Song Lyrics in Spanish:

He estado trayendo curas de Pilgrim Heights a Provincetown
Fiebre del conejo tratada en Queen Anne Road
Gota o gastritis, paperas o bronquitis
Mordeduras, quemaduras y abrasiones azules.
Tengo una pastilla para todas las ocasiones

Little Sippewisse fue muy agradable de visitar.
Y Scroggy Neck es encantador de recordar
Pero a través de todos mis viajes
Dios mío, hay un lugar
Una esquina, una ciudad en mis labios
¿Por qué es?

Poddomaquassy, ​​eh, Paquamasoddy
No no
Passamamassy, ​​Quoddamapoddy, Passamadaddy
Quoddamapassy, ​​Passamahoddy
Oh, lo sé
Es Passamashloddy
¡Es Passamaquoddy!
Por supuesto, eso es lo que quise decir

Tomé tu droga para adelgazar y ahora soy una mancha
Pero ahora hay mucho más de ti para amar

Eliminé el impétigo en las orillas del suero de leche
La gripe está bajo control firme en Powder Hole
Pociones, tabletas y lociones Terminus
Principales noticias de la ciencia moderna
Da un paso ahora y únete a mis clientes

Pasé un día en Buzzard’s Bay
No pudieron retenerme allí
Incluso se apartó del Salón del Reino
Probablemente te echaron

Mi cabello era gris y gracias a ti se volvió rosa
Pero ese color, se está volviendo tan bueno
Vamos a lavar tus tónicos falsos por el fregadero

Amigos míos, han visto un milagro y verán muchos más
La gente vendrá a raudales desde la tierra y el mar
Tendremos centros de pruebas
Empecemos a invertir
Mantenga esas monedas de diez centavos y dólares en aumento
Yo haré el conteo

Todos los que viven aquí serán fuertes y saludables.
Te volverás más rico día a día
Escúchalos aclamándonos
Esta ciudad será famosa
El mundo entero nos mirará y dirá

Poddomaquassy, ​​no, Paquamasoddy
Qu-Qu-Quoddamapassy, ​​Quoddamadaddy
Dappaddy, Dappamossy, Quoddapossy
Pwassapwassa, Passaquassa


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