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The Qaumī Tarānah (Urdu: قومی ترانہ‎, pronounced [ˈqɔːmi ˈt̪əɾɑːnɑ], ’ “National Anthem”‘), also known as Pāk Sarzamīn (پاک سرزمین, '”Thy Sacred Land”‘), is the national anthem of Pakistan. Here One can find Pakistan National Anthem Lyrics Pdf, National Anthem of Pakistan Lyrics in Urdu & English, Pakistan National Anthem Ringtone, Pakistan National Anthem Mp3 Download. Get Pakistan National song lyrics here Below.

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National Anthem of Pakistan Information:

Lyricist Hafeez Jalandhari
Music Ahmed G. Chagla
Adopted 13 August 1954
Official Language English, Urdu


Pakistan National Anthem Lyrics in Urdu:

اک سرزمین شاد باد
كشورِ حسين شاد باد
تُو نشانِ عزمِ عالی شان
ارضِ پاکستان!‏
مرکزِ یقین شاد باد

پاک سرزمین کا نظام
قوّتِ اُخوّتِ عوام
قوم، ملک، سلطنت
پائنده تابنده باد!‏
شاد باد منزلِ مراد

پرچمِ ستاره و ہلال
رہبرِ ترقّی و کمال
ترجمانِ ماضی، شانِ حال
جانِ استقبال!‏
سایۂ خدائے ذوالجلال

Pakistan National Anthem Lyrics in English:

May the holy land, stay glad;
Beauteous realm, stay glad.
Thou, the sign of high resolve—
O Land of Pakistan!
Citadel of faith, stay glad.

Order of the holy land,
Power of fraternity of the populace;
The nation, country, and domain;
Ever luminous remain!
The cherished goal, stay glad.

Flag with the star and crescent,
The leader of progress and ascent,
Dragoman of past, the pride of present;
Soul of the future!
Shadow of the God of grandeur


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