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Now That I’m Back Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Frances Quinlan. Now That I’m Back song was released at the official youtube channel Saddle Creek from the album Likewise. Here One can find Now That I’m Back Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. Now That I’m Back Song Ringtone, Mp3 Music and Mobile HD Wall Paper.

Now That I’m Back Song Information:

Song Title Now That I’m Back
Singer Frances Quinlan
Album Likewise
Genre Alternative/Indie
Release date 31 January 2020
Label Saddle Creek

Now That I’m Back Song Lyrics By Frances Quinlan:

Woman woke up early, heard a scraping near her brain
Imagine when the doc took out the roach
How much she must have changed

Afterwards it dawned on me
I heard noise from every corner and one night, ate raid-seasoned spaghetti

Look up the metal sign
Clangs in the wind from a wire
Talk small, if at all
mi news is blind and on fire

Only me and big trucks lost, driving from upstate alone
I came in she had on that white uniform
I had mi first coffee with her that morning at home

Victory gold plated over violence
No presents, save for memories spiraled and bent
In your bedroom
Voltaire’s severed head stared me back to bed
You’ve done your best all the way to the end

Balloons in a foreign park
Shadows of the dance class merge and come apart
Cough in the mirror, I’d forgotten to call
Now that I’m back, we should try again to talk

We should try again to talk
We should try again to talk
We should try again to talk
We should try again to talk

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