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New York Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Cyn. New York song lyrics are Given by Jack Garratt & Cyn and This song was released on the official youtube channel Cyn. Here One can find New York Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. Download New York Song Ringtone, New York Song Mp3 Download.

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New York Song Information:

Song Title New York
Singer Cyn
Lyricist Jack Garratt & Cyn
Release date October 20, 2020
Music Label Cyn

New York Song Lyrics By Cyn:

I can’t explain it
This yearning feeling
There’s no escaping
Keeps creeping back in
Round every corner
Every stone turned over
Maybe I’m meant to be
In New York

There’s someone out there
Inside the mirror
Her plan is grand and
Her mind is clearer
Behind the curtain
Living a life I want to
Maybe I’m meant to be
In New York
New York
New York

Oh, where the future’s bright
The grass looks so much greenеr under neon lights
Oh, wherе the seasons change
And everyone goes west to beat the cold

The ground beneath me
Is always shaking,
The roads have cracks and
The sidewalk’s breaking
And should the big one
Send the palm trees falling
I’d feel much safer out
In New York

Oh, out there I’ll find myself
See how all mi things look on a different shelf
Oh, I will have mi own place
And someone down the hall who also calls it home

I can’t explain it
This yearning feeling
I didn’t choose it
It didn’t choose me
Round every corner
Every stone turned over
Is telling me to go
To New York
Maybe I’ll find myself
In New York
Maybe I’m meant to be
In New York


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