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Neither/Nor Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Moses Sumney. Neither/Nor song was released at the official youtube channel Moses Sumney from the album Græ. Here One can find Neither/Nor Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. Neither/Nor Song Ringtone, Mp3 Music and Mobile HD Wall Paper.

Neither/Nor Song Information:

Song Title Neither/Nor
Singer Moses Sumney
Album Græ
Genre Alternative/Indie
Release date
15 May 2020
Label Jagjaguwar

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Neither/Nor Song Lyrics By Moses Sumney:

When I was a little boy
I’d scream at vague, misty nights
Yet breathe out smoke with no fire
I’d become one with what I was scared of
I fell in love with the in-between
Coloring in the margins
Yet the romance of the undefined
Was a threatening lie in their eyes

They say
Oh, who is he?
Hello, who is he?

I’m not at peace with dying alone
But I am not at war either,
No, I am planted on the shore knowing
The ashen tide may or may not rise

Cause in the valley of the sure
U cannot be neither/nor
You’re fated to pick a door
Only the lonely are lukewarm

They say
Oh, who is he?
Hello, who is he?

Is it a ghost
Is it a plane
Is it a shiver
Down your spine
Is it delusion
Is it confused
Is it contusion of a hard-earned truth?

No, it’s nobody

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