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Pátria Amada” (‘Beloved Homeland’) is the National Anthem of Mozambique, approved by law in 2002 under Article 295 of the Constitution of Mozambique. Here One can find Mozambique National Anthem Lyrics Pdf, National Anthem of Mozambique Lyrics in Portuguese & English, Mozambique National Anthem Ringtone, Mozambique National Anthem Mp3 Download. Get Mozambique National song lyrics here Below.

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National Anthem of Mozambique Information:

Lyricist Salomão J. Manhiça
Music Salomão J. Manhiça
Adopted 30 April 2002
Official Language Portuguese

Mozambique National Anthem Lyrics in Portuguese:

Na memória de África e do Mundo
Pátria bela dos que ousaram lutar
Moçambique, o teu nome é liberdade
O Sol de Junho para sempre brilhará

𝄆 Moçambique nossa terra gloriosa
Pedra a pedra construindo um novo dia
Milhões de braços, uma só força
Oh pátria amada, vamos vencer 𝄇

Povo unido do Rovuma ao Maputo
Colhe os frutos do combate pela paz
Cresce o sonho ondulando na bandeira
E vai lavrando na certeza do amanhã


Flores brotando do chão do teu suor
Pelos montes, pelos rios, pelo mar
Nós juramos por ti, oh Moçambique
Nenhum tirano nos irá escravizar


Mozambique National Anthem Lyrics in English:

In the memory of Africa and the World
Beautiful fatherland of those that dared to fight
Mozambique, your name is freedom
The Sun of June forever will shine

𝄆 Mozambique, our Glorious Land
Rock by rock constructing the new day
Millions of arms in one only force
O Loved fatherland we will be successful 𝄇

United people from Rovuma to Maputo
It harvests the fruits of the combat for the Peace
The dream grows waving in the flag
And goes cultivating in the certainty of tomorrow


Flowers sprouting of the soil of your sweat
For mounts, the rivers, the sea
We swear for you, O Mozambique
No tyrant will enslave us



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