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MLS Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Gorillaz feat Chai & Jpegmafia. MLS song was released on the official youtube channel Gorillaz from the album The Machine is On!! A Song Machine Mix by Noodle. Here One can find MLS Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. Download MLS Song Ringtone, MLS Song Mp3 Download.

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MLS Song Information:

Song Title MLS
Singer Gorillaz feat Chai & Jpegmafia
Album The Machine is On!! A Song Machine Mix by Noodle
Release date October 23, 2020
Music Label Gorillaz

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MLS Song Lyrics By Gorillaz feat Chai & Jpegmafia:

Do U know what a beautiful creature
How happy he look
Do U know what a lazy culture gorilla
It’s a funk いい感じ beautiful day
It’s a funk いい感じ beautiful day

Super gorilla

How U gon’ tell me how to do and how to do it?
Manoeuvre with this Ruger, these bullets is for the hoopers
U niggas is stupid
Peggy been broke for a long time
Only dirty niggas around me like Mi own kind
I feel like I’m Tom Jones, I feel like Dev Hynes
I got a fresh gat, I test the new iron
Hold me, chains on neck like a slave
Fuck a will, better bury with an O in Mi grave
(Super gorilla)
I got too much to say, labels tried docking Mi pay
I’m like, “Ooh,” compress me or check me, I’m Peggy Bae
Divine, feel like I’m blessed but I never pray
Twisting at Mi shows, niggas think I’m doing ballet, uh
I wish a nigga would claim that I’m a phase
I’m a wave, saying that shit that U scared to say
It’s nasty

Super gorilla

Clean house, clean bath water and clean mind
I’m such positive nigga, throw up a peace sign
Get to the bread, give ’em lead time
Baby got it for me
Put on a face for the critics ’cause they beneath me
Never met an A&R that I wanted to be
Begging for plus ones, drink tickets and VIP
These niggas get fat, blow money and lose beefs
(Super gorilla)
It’s tragic
Shake Mi head when I hit the ballot
Shake Mi head, niggas got more money than talent
Mmm, niggas know I shoot above the average
Young Peggy keep whipping niggas till I kick the casket
(Super gorilla)
I get it, they think I’m fixing matches
The scope came with attachments, yee
We at your house, we staking out, we eating rations
Expensive habits
It’s gas, I told that bitch to jump the ship, only room for the captain
It’s nasty

Super gorilla
It’s a funk いい感じ beautiful day
Super gorilla
Super gorilla

Thinking ’bout ooh
Thinking ’bout ooh
Thinking ’bout ooh
Thinking ’bout ooh
Thinking ’bout ooh
Thinking ’bout ooh
Thinking ’bout ooh

Super gorilla


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