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Mansplain Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Thick. Mansplain song was released at the official youtube channel Epitaph Records from the album 5 Years Behind. Here One can find Mansplain Song Lyrics Pdf, Mansplain Song Lyrics in French, Spanish & English, Mansplain Song Ringtone, Mansplain Song Download, Mansplain Song Mp3 Download. Get Mansplain song lyrics here Below.

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Mansplain Song Information:

Song Title Mansplain
Singer Thick
Album 5 Years Behind
Genre Alternative/Indie
Music Label Epitaph Records

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Mansplain Song Lyrics By Thick:

“yeah, girl bands are really in right now”
“excuse me, you play guitar?”
“i wish she would smile more”
“you girls should turn the treble down”

“yeah i like this but, uh, it’s a little harsh on the ears”
“hey that was your boyfriends
“yeah i wouldn’t really recommend offender to a woman, but you’re kinda tall so”
“alright, so you gals on the list?”
“do you think they’d be this successful if they were men?

if they were guys i’m not really sure people would be into this.”
“do you think she knows if she has to turn [ ]”
“here let me help you carry”
“can we get the guitar going? does she know where to plug that in?”
“yeah she’s a really good drummer for a girl“

“they sound great for women”

they start explaining how to play guitar
we wouldn’t get this far,
they start explaining how to do my job
all your suggestions it really helped a lot

mansplain to me
mansplain to me

they start explaining general politics
are you mad at office?
you really make me sick
please stop explaining [ ]
i know my body, you don’t own my rights

mansplain to me
mansplain to me
mansplain to me

“i’m a total feminist”

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