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Look How GOD Works Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Tory Lanez. Look How GOD Works song was released at the official youtube channel One Umbrella Records from the album Daystar. Here One can find Look How GOD Works Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. Download Look How GOD Works Song Ringtone, Look How GOD Works Song Mp3 Download.

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Look How GOD Works Song Information:

Song Title Look How GOD Works
Singer Tory Lanez
Album Daystar
Lyricist Tory Lanez & Yoko Gold
Cast Yoko Gold
Music Label One Umbrella Records

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Look How GOD Works Song Lyrics By Tory Lanez:

Kicked up with some new chick, got her petty
Do Mi exes wrong when I get petty
Just tryna pay Mi rent and get this fetty
All I’m tryna do is hold it steady
Women on they jetski, they just wanna get me
Catch a nigga slippin’, wanna get me
Rollin’ through the city where the skinny niggas die
Burner on Mi side
Ain’t nobody did it, where I’m from it’s on Mi ex, it was to try
Try, young nigga, just try
Money comin’ in, no, momma, don’t cry
I know that we broke now but God don’t lie
Ever been so broke that all U can do is cry?
Momma wipe the tears from her eyes
Momma can’t do it, no, momma just died
Now I’m on the wrong path, chrome .45
Trippin’ off this chick that I was lovin’ ’til she lied
Broke in Mickey D’s so we had to split some fries
.22s, they the only reason we survive
I’m from Flower City where them boys’ll do U grimey
Caught up in this life, I’m tryna leave this shit behind me
Things can change for the worse
I done been through it all, been through the dirt
Hurt a lotta people in the times I was hurt
Now I work a triple shift for y’all to make sure it was worth it
Sit back and watch me fly, Mi nigga, watch me fly
Made it out the trenches, I was sittin’ on the side
U can see it in Mi eyes, we gon’ win, I never lied
Yeah, ayy
Said I came up from the trenches, I was sittin’ on the side
U can see it in Mi eyes, we gon’ win, I never lied
Yeah, yeah
And ain’t nobody ever seen a nigga from Mi side
Out the trenches tryna slide, tryna get it and I’m winnin’ so I swear I never lied

Kiss U on your nec, say, “Everything is great”
Even though I’m out on bond and might be facin’ eight
Can’t believe she played the witness tryna make them statements
Grace of God, U know the truth, so I’m gon’ beat them cases
I would never put Mi hands on a woman, dawg
I would never let it blam on a woman, dawg
‘Cause if U know me, then U know just how I’m comin’, dawg
‘Cause I done worked to hard to throw this out for anyone of y’all
I came from seein’ niggas on sight
Back to back Backwoods on them long nights
Even when Mi niggas wrong, say they alright
If they gon’ lock me up because she lyin’ then
Make sure Mi kid is alright, make sure Mi chick is alright
And make sure y’all sell these niggas
All Mi written records that I did in case we face them long nights
In case we face them hard nights, like these
She the only chick I fucked that ever did me this low
But, baby, out in cold, I don’t bend, break or fold
I know God got me, I ain’t trippin’ off these hoes
Niggas show they colors now I’m only with the bros
I’m only with the bros
Shawty actin’ like she don’t respect a real nigga
Then they wonder why I don’t trust these hoes, no


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