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Layilo Song Lyrics It is not a sad breakup Telugu song but a lovely romantic anthem from Sunny Austin with Ram & Chinna Swamy. When musical heartbreak, it resounds more sensually, Layilo is not a sad breakup song but a lovely romantic song with Srikakulam regional essence in it with country music. Being a Telugu pop artist we always try to get the best original singles from our heart, hope you guys will love this track we tried. Here One can find Layilo Song Lyrics Pdf in Hindi, Layilo Ringtone, Layilo Song Mp3 Download. Get Layilo song lyrics here Below.

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Layilo Song Information:

Singer Sunny Austin, Ram, Chinna Swamy
Lyricist Sunny Austin, Ram Miryala
Music Sunny Austin, Chinna Swamy, Ram
Music Label Mango Music

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Layilo Song Lyrics By Sunny Austin, Ram & Chinna Swamy:

Oggesi Ponadhe, Nannu Oggesi Ponadhe,
Ottesukunadhe, Nasetha Ottesukunadhe,Nannu Sododhani, Mataladodhani,
Sandhe Podhullona, Saiga Cheyodhani,
Ottesukunadhe, Nasetha Ottesukunadhe,Layilo Lalayi Layilo (x2),Yetesi Annadhe Rama Yetesi Annadhe,
Atteta Antadhe Rama Yelagelli Pothadhe,Chinadhani Chelli Peru Chitti Rani,
Chitti Rani, Chitti Rani,
Chinadhani Chelli Peru Chitti Rani,
Saradaga Dhani Bugga Gillanani,Oggesi Ponadhe, Nannu Oggesi Ponadhe,
Layilo Lalayi Layilo, Layilo Lalayi Layilo,“Adhi Saregani,
Mi Romance Yelagundi Sepugadheti, Ha-Ha!”Sannajaji Anti Nadumu Opukuntane,
Mathugunde Matalenno Sebuthuntadhi,“Aye Baboi Yeti Nijame,
Idem Chusav Ehe Chepthan Vinu,”

Sannajaji Lanti Nadumu Opukuntane,
Mathugunde Matalenno Sebuthuntadhi,

Kongu Chatu Nadumu Loki Thongi Chostunte,
Navvukuntu Bothulu Evo Thitukuntadi,

Laayilo Laalaayi Laayilo (x2),

Laggethu Osthadi Rama, Laggam Etta Mantadhi,
Lalayi Pata Laga Ninnu Alesukuntadhi,

Laggethu Osthadi Rama, Laggam Etta Mantadhi,
Lalayi Pata Laga Ninnu Alesukuntadhi,
Layilo Lalayi Layilo.

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