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King’s Disease Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Nas. King’s Disease song lyrics is Given by Nas. Here One can find King’s Disease Song Lyrics Pdf, King’s Disease Song Lyrics in French, Spanish & English, King’s Disease Song Ringtone, King’s Disease Song Download, King’s Disease Song Mp3 Download. Get King’s Disease song lyrics here Below.

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King’s Disease Song Information:

Song Title King’s Disease
Singer Nas
Lyricist Nas
Music Hit-Boy, Corbett, Cyanca, Pat Junior & J. Pelham
Music Label Mass Appeal Records

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King’s Disease Song Lyrics By Nas:

Hello, ladies and gentlemen

I made the fade famous, the chain famous
QB on my chest match the stainless
Amazing Grace, I’m gracefully aging
Without masonry, I made more paper to play with

No rap in my playlist, sold dimes on my day shift (King)
So, can I breathe? Can I walk? Can I speak? Can I talk?
Can I floss without you wanting me outlined in chalk?
Family gossiping, pocket watching him

Jealousy keeps blossoming, ain’t let it box me in (King)
‘Cause you are not a king if you can’t come out a thing
That you got yourself in, claiming nobody helping
The stupidest part of Africa produced Blacks that started algebra
Proof, facts, imagine if you knew that as a child, bruh

Nostalgia, how I remember things
Remember crowns, remember, kings
They want your reign to cease (King)
You a king, you will be next to me, doing your own king shit, most

We’re so “Say less when I speak”, y’all estrogen speak
Respected by kings only, address me as chief
Invested in things only a vet would

Only lames front on kings, that’s expected from creeps
You mad at my niggas and any woman with any interest in me
You could’ve made it (You was good), look at all the time wasted
Now you gotta retract statements, shoulda stuck to the basics
All you had to do was tell the truth, like, fuck all the fake shit

You should want every brother to make it out
But brothers want trophies, they troll for clout
Rap is weird, weird flex, but okay
You ain’t as ill as you think, you just okay

You got pressed in the hood, fix your jibs up, I’m on top
Stop fighting it, yo, stop with the over-righteousness
It’s so lame, this media circus greedy and worthless
My life got ’em tight, why they wanna see me hurt up? (Why me?)
Real kings everywhere, stand up
It come with the game (King’s Disease)

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