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Just A Letter Remix Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Toosii. Just A Letter Remix song lyrics is Given by Toosii and This song was released at the official youtube channel Toosii 2x. Here One can find Just A Letter Remix Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. Download Just A Letter Remix Song Ringtone, Just A Letter Remix Song Mp3 Download.

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Just A Letter Remix Song Information:

Song Title Just A Letter Remix
Singer Toosii
Lyricist Toosii
Release date 22-09-2020
Music Label Toosii 2x

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Just A Letter Remix Song Lyrics By Toosii:

Girl, I been sitting in the dark
Girl, U know I’m thinkin’ about U
And how everything U did, It made me smile
Been on the road for a while

I ain’t feel your touch and it been gold in mi house
Girl, when we fuck mi heart be warm
But it been gold for a while
I’m a gangsta, ain’t no shame in mi game

U a good girl, I’m from the hood, if something go wrong, I’m who to blame
And I can’t have that all in mi heart
But U been, real from the start
And it kill me when we apart
Girl, and fuck that other nigga he a bitch

Lucky when I seen him, I ain’t put him on this shit
U know bro, he in the whip with me right now, tryna find a bitch
Man, I ain’t on no same time, I ain’t worried ’bout no chick
Right now, I’m in a two seater, that’s a stold

Writing U this letter,
‘Cause I know I broke your heart but I’m hoping it get better
And I know how U was raised so U could storm through any weather
When U get this, I just hope that when U got it, it’s cause we met up

But just in case, U don’t ever get this letter
Baby, I been dancing with the devil
Shootouts when I hang up
When I’m on the phone shit gone get wet up
He shouldn’t have did whatever he did, I ain’t gon’ let up

U know I wonder if U miss me when I’m busy on the road
U know I been doing shows, But I come home tryna bus’ a nigga dome
300 blackouts right through his skull
Wonder if U miss me when I’m busy on the road
I’m with the bros, I gotta stay dangerous

Girl just pray I made it home
Might risk it all, mi heart been hurtin’, I got 30 inside this chrome
Just in case,

mi lifestyle made U feel some way
I’ll understand and when U leave girl I might fall, but I’ma get up
I’m from the hood and your life good
We got no business being together (yeah)


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