Jimmy Neutron Theme Song Lyrics – Jimmy Neutron Song

Jimmy Neutron Theme Song Lyrics. Jimmy Neutron Lyrics Song is the latest Theme song and This song was Jimmy Neutron Opening Theme Song.

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Jimmy Neutron Song Information:

Song Jimmy Neutron
Movie Jimmy Neutron

Jimmy Neutron Lyrics (Jimmy Neutron Theme Song):

(Gotta Blast)
From here to the stars with my candy bars
Rides a kid with a knack for inventions
A super-powered mind, a mechanical canine….
*bark, bark*
He rescues the day from sure destruction…
This is the theme song…
For Jimmy Neutron!

Jimmy: ahhhhhhhhh!!

Jimmy Neutron Lyrics in Spanish (Jimmy Neutron Theme Song):

(Tengo que explotar)
De aqui a las estrellas con mis chocolatinas
Monta a un niño con un don para los inventos
Una mente superpoderosa, un canino mecánico …
*ladrar ladrar*
Rescata el día de la destrucción segura …
Este es el tema principal …
¡Por Jimmy Neutron!

Jimmy: ¡¡ahhhhhhhhh !!


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