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I Wanna Ride Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Porches. I Wanna Ride song was released at the official youtube channel Porches from the album Ricky Music. Here One can find I Wanna Ride Song Lyrics Pdf, I Wanna Ride Song Lyrics in French, Spanish & English, I Wanna Ride Song Ringtone, I Wanna Ride Song Download, I Wanna Ride Song Mp3 Download. Get I Wanna Ride song lyrics here Below.

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I Wanna Ride Song Information:

Song Title I Wanna Ride
Singer Porches
Album Ricky Music
Genre Alternative/Indie
Music Label Porches

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I Wanna Ride Song Lyrics By Ricky Music:

I slid a smile
Pink across my face
Sucked it out of the glass bowl
And inside of me
And my friends try to tell me
That I need some air
But I’m fine, think I like it
All alone in here

I wanna ride with U
Wherever U are
I wanna ride with U
Windows fuckin down
I wanna ride with U

Each day the night falls
I stare at the moon,
‘Til my eyes get so messed up
I can almost see U

And then I hold myself close
(I can smell the leather seats)
And I stuff the sheet in my mouth
(I can feel Ur hand slide on to my knee)
Dreaming of U, do U dream of me?

I wanna ride with U
I don’t know where U are
I wanna ride with U
Windows fuckin down
I wanna ride with U
Smack the camel out my mouth
I wanna ride with U
Bite into my lip
I wanna ride with U

And if U’re out there
And I know that U are
I can almost hear us screaming at each other in the back of the car
And I just know some day that I’m gonna ride with U
I wanna decide with U
I wanna reside with U
And some day I wanna die with U

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