Go to Sleep Lullaby Song Lyrics – Go to Sleep Children’s Songs

Go to Sleep Lyrics Song is Lullaby & Kids’ Songs. Here One can find Go to Sleep Baby Lullaby Song Lyrics in Spanish & English, Go to Sleep Kids Lullaby Song, Go to Sleep Lullaby Song Mp3 Download. Check Go to Sleep Song Lyrics Below.

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Go to Sleep Lullaby Song Information:

Song Title Go to Sleep
Categories Lullaby
Genre Child Songs

Go to Sleep Song Lyrics:

Go to sleep my darling, close your little eyes.
Angels are above us, peeping through the skies.
God is in his heaven, and he watch doth keep.
Time for little children to go to sleep.


Go to Sleep Song Lyrics in Spanish:

Ve a dormir mi amor, cierra tus ojitos.
Los ángeles están sobre nosotros, asomándose a través de los cielos.
Dios está en su cielo, y vela guarda.
Hora de que los niños pequeños se vayan a dormir.

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