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Flawless Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Quando Rondo. Flawless song lyrics is Given by Quando Rondo. Here One can find Flawless Song Lyrics Pdf, Flawless Song Lyrics in French, Spanish & English, Flawless Song Ringtone, Flawless Song Download, Flawless Song Mp3 Download. Get Flawless song lyrics here Below.

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Flawless Song Information:

Song Title Flawless
Singer Quando Rondo
Lyricist Quando Rondo
Music Label Quando Rondo

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Flawless Song Lyrics By Quando Rondo:

Oh, yeah

On the way from school, we made a vow that we gon’ blast for each other
Call it perfect timing, since a child I spent straight cash for my bezel
I wrap my wrist with flawless diamonds, off shippin’ packs to the fellas
My gangsta bitch the project’s finest, [Zach?] cook the crack in the kettle

My heart got broken by that bitch, now I feel like damn I can’t settle
Jump in that store [?], how we growed up in the ghetto,
New Honda four-door filled with sticks, like we don’t fold under pressure
Wholе sixty days worth Dickie fits until I ran up some cheddar

Latе night we spent low to the rocks, let’s put the boys on the stretcher
I drop a ten right by your yard, we making noise with Berettas
Purple Codeine cloudin’ my thoughts, like I don’t know no better
Two weapons in, Rocky Balboa, we leave straight smoke in they bedroom

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