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Figi Freestyle Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Mario Judah. Figi Freestyle song lyrics are Given by Mario Judah and This song was released on the official youtube channel Mario Judah. Here One can find Figi Freestyle Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. Download Figi Freestyle Song Ringtone, Figi Freestyle Song Mp3 Download.

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Figi Freestyle Song Information:

Song Title Figi Freestyle
Singer Mario Judah
Lyricist Mario Judah
Release date December 11, 2020
Music Label Mario Judah

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Figi Freestyle Song Lyrics By Mario Judah:

(Ayy, man, where the fuck is Mario Judah?)
Yuh, what? Yuh, what? Got Mi slatts with me
Yuh, yuh, what?
Carti, yeah (Yeah)

Eeny meeny (Eeny meeny, yeah)
Picky bitch, I want that shit that’s got me leanin’ (Yeah, yeah)
Picky bitch, I want that shit that’s got me leanin’ (Yeah, she got me leanin’)
I shoot that nigga, I wanna count him in a minute (Yeah)
Just give me drip, send me Carti-Cartier (Carti, Carti, yeah, yeah)
She keep that Gucci, Fendi, Louis, Cartier (Gucci, Fendi, Louis)
And if I want designer, get the Cartier (Cartier)
I pick that bitch, I won’t show ya’ any cheese (What? Any cheese, yeah)
Tell these bitches to stop it (Yeah), tell these bitches to stop it (Yeah)
Don’t give no fuck, I bet these niggas pissed at me (Yeah, yeah)
I got Mi own cup, I’m pissin’ in this lean (Yeah, lean)
I got Mi gang takin’ and I’m ready to up this bitch (Yeah)
Gettin’ money in this shit, gettin’ a lotta bank (Yeah, gettin’ a lotta bank)
Whole lotta red in this bitch lil’ time (Whole lotta red)
Whole lotta red in this bitch, yeah (Whole lotta red)
Whole lotta slatts in this bitch, yeah
Slatt, sit there with Mi slatts with me (Slatt, slatt)
I just come to shoot U with Mi slatt fiends (What? What? Slatt, fiend)
U know that I’m comin’ and Mi slatts with me (What? Baby)
U know I be killin’ Mi slatts with me (What? Yeah, what?)
U know that I be killin’ Mi slatts with me (Slatt, slatt)
Poppin’ lean like Kylie Jenner, she’s with me (Kylie, Kylie)
Pussy came, prolly from that pussy nigga (Yeah, pussy)
Gimme [?], I’m pissin’, nigga
Mi nigga scared to pop but shootin’ at these niggas (What? What?)
When we mad we might pop out in this shit (Yeah, yeah, yeah, what?)
Mi cup red, got this shawty, mind Mi business (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I put Cartier all up on Mi bitty (Cartier, what?)
I put Cartier all up in Mi Beamer (Cartier)
Pussy nigga, we gon’ trap and he ain’t wit’ it
I pop Mi shit, she caught that pussy nigga with it (Yeah, pop up in that)
Mi nigga pop out with that gun, she killin’ it (Frrp)
Mi nigga, that’s Chanel, that Kylie, she made me faint (What? Bitch)
We give no fucks ’bout it, it’s a [?] (What?)
We give no fuck ’bout that pussy ass nigga, yeah (Yeah)
Can’t get no money, he’s a bitch ass, pop his shit (Bitch, what?)
Mi nigga gon’ aim it then gon’ shoot this bitch up, yeah
Oh, U tried, Mi nigga, they gon’ bust your shit, yeah
Don’t give no fuck about you, we gon’ take that bitch like, yeah
I fuck that lil bih’ now, then I take her out like, yeah

(Ayy, man, where the fuck is Mario Judah?)


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