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Don’t Care Lyrics Song is Sung by Rich Brian. Here One can find Don’t Care Song Lyrics Pdf, Don’t Care Song Lyrics in French, Spanish & English, Don’t Care Song Ringtone, Don’t Care Song Download, Don’t Care Song Mp3 Download. Get Don’t Care song lyrics here Below.

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Don’t Care Song Information:

Singer Rich Brian
Producer Christopher Heinrich
Directer James Defina & Brian Imanuel
Editor James Defina

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Don’t Care Song Lyrics By Rich Brian:

Ayy, uh

[Verse 1]
I been hurtin’, tryna fix the world
And find the people that I gotta save, uh
I been tryna find the beauty in this shit
It’s been like twenty-seven days, uh
I wanna say that it’s all good, but I’m tryin’ not to tell a lie, uh
I been thinkin’ that it may be time to tell myself that I

Don’t care
I don’t really care, ayy
What they say
It’s just another day

[Verse 2]
Seen a lot heart broken that I wanna break now
Lotta love and plain jealousy been comin’ from the same ones
Like, which one is it now?
Let me know ’cause I wonder who I should stop thinkin’ ’bout
Some of these people be lookin’ like angels
But one day you realize that they been The Devil behind us
I’d rather die than go be with the people
That make me think about my therapist’s office
Don’t you come up to me with a smile on your face
Askin’ me, “How was your day?”
I don’t wanna none of your energy crowdin’ my space
So get the fuck out my way
Stay with the fakin’, ’cause I

Don’t care
I don’t really care, ayy
What they say
It’s just another day

Don’t care
What they say

Pray when I wake up
I don’t have to say something I don’t mean

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