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Denmark has two official National Anthems with equal status: Der er et yndigt land, the civil national anthem. Kong Christian stod ved højen mast, which is mainly used for royal and military occasions.

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National Anthem of Denmark Information:

Lyricist  Hans Ernst Krøyer
Music  Adam Oehlenschläger
Composer   Hans Ernst Krøyer
Official Language Danish

Denmark National Anthem Lyrics in Danish (1):

Der er et Yndigt Land

(A Lovely Land is Ours)

Original Danish Words

Der er et yndigt land,

Det står med brede bøge

Nær salten østerstrand;

Det bugter sig i bakke, dal,

Det hedder gamle Danmark,

Og det er Frejas sal.

Denmark National Anthem Lyrics in English (1):

A lovely land is ours

With beeches green about her

Encircled by the sea

Her hills and vales are manifold

Her name, of old, is Denmark

And she is Freya’s home


Denmark National Anthem Lyrics in Danish (2):

Kong Christian Stod ved Højen Mast

(King Christian Stood by the Lofty Mast)

Listen to “Kong Christian Stod ved Højen Mast”

Original Danish Words

Kong Kristian stod ved højen mast i røg og damp;

Hans værge hamrede så fast,

At Gotens hjelm og hjerne brast.

Da sank hver fjendligt spejl og mast i røg und damp.

„Fly,” skreg de, „fly, hvad flygte kan!

Hvo står for Danmarks Kristian i kamp?”

Denmark National Anthem Lyrics in English (2):

King Christian stood by the tall mast in smoke and mist;

his sword was hammering so hard,

that the Swedes’ helmets and brains cracked.

Then sank every enemy stern and mast in smoke and mist.

“Flee,” they screamed, “flee as flee can!

Who can stand up to Denmark’s Christian in battle?”



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