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Cronus Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Lil Xtra. Cronus song video is produced by Psyjackbeats. Here One can find Cronus Song Lyrics Pdf, Cronus Song Lyrics in French, Spanish & English, Cronus Song Ringtone, Cronus Song Download, Cronus Song Mp3 Download. Get Cronus song lyrics here Below.

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Cronus Song Information:

Song Title Cronus
Singer Lil Xtra
Released Date
August 16th, 2020.
Producer Psyjackbeats
Music Label Lil Xtra

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Cronus Song Lyrics By Lil Xtra:

Breakin’ down in an airport bathroom 
I can’t wait to leave
When I get home I am Turnin’ off my phone 
So no one can find me
I am sick of these words, I am sick of your games 
We said we’d improve, we said that we’d change 
But nothin’ ever goes right these days  
You are actin’ plastic go move to LA
Or give me one fu*kin’ reason to stay
I am sick of your god I won’t fu*kin’ pray
Signed a shit deal can’t even get paid
So fu*k what I feel I made it his way 
I can’t pull myself up out
Of this hole that I dug myself 
I tried to so hard to play my roll 
But I hate everythin’ now that 
They have got me under control 
I can’t breath or decide what I am doin’ 
Name the pain and I have probably been through it 
I am an unpleasant person,
I fu*kin’ deserve this don’t care,
if you hate me I like bein’ worthless 
Devoid of all-purpose I am stupid and nervous 
I don’t trust the process I am tankin’ and wordless
Nothin’ to say, my naiveate
Lost the life that I had now I am losin’ my place 
I am Paralyzed just stuck in stasis 
Suicide on my mind on a daily basis 
Cause I hate myself, I am the loosest cannon 
No mental health, all hope abandoned 
No sense of self, no hope for ransom 
Life’s hopeless now and I can’t stand it 
Couldn’t hurt myself this well if I planned it 
Burns like hell I thought that I ran shit 
I can’t pull myself up out
Of this hole that I dug myself 
I tried  so hard to play my roll 
But I hate everythin’ now that 
They have got me under control
Process complex emotions 
fu*k that, where the blunt at wavy as oceans 
QPour some of that codeine potion 
I am not heartless my heart’s just broken 
Lost inside my mind,
I hate the way stay deprived of joy I hate this life  
I am not alright I am not the type to stay quiet 
I’d rather die than live the rest of my life this way
And real shit there’s really nothin’ Left to say 
’bout problems that won’t end or go away 
Or pretend that everythin’ will be okay 
I am an imprint all I do it took up space 
Dissident the gulag is where I stay 
Music pays my rent to want to stay that way 
Lost all resolve when I sold my soul 
I hate everythin’, I am under control…

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