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Cinderella Cartoon Lyrics is written by Al Hoffman, Mack David and Jerry Livingston. The music of this new Cinderella Animated Movie song is given by Al Hoffman, Mack David and Jerry Livingston.  This Cartoon Movie Song is Sung by Marni Nixon with the Jud Conlon Chorus. Here One can find Cinderella Song Lyrics Pdf, Cinderella Cartoon Song Lyrics in Hindi & English, Cinderella Song Ringtone, Cinderella Cartoon Song Download, Cinderella Song Mp3 Download. Get Cinderella song lyrics here Below.

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Cinderella Cartoon Song Information:

Song Cinderella
Movie Cinderella Cartoon
Lyricist Al Hoffman, Mack David and Jerry Livingston
Music Al Hoffman, Mack David and Jerry Livingston
Singer Marni Nixon with the Jud Conlon Chorus

Cinderella Cartoon Song Lyrics:

You’re as lovely as your name
You’re a sun set in a frameThough you’re dressed in rags, you wear an air of queenly grace
Anyone can see a throne would be your proper placeCinderella
If you give your heart a chance
It will lead you
To the kingdom of romance

There you’ll see your dreams unfold
Cinderella, Cinderella
In the sweetest story ever told

Cinderella Cartoon Song Lyrics in Hindi:

आप अपने नाम की तरह ही प्यारे हैं
आप एक फ्रेम में सेट सूरज हो

यद्यपि आप लत्ता के कपड़े पहने हुए हैं, फिर भी आप रानी की कृपा की हवा पहनते हैं
कोई भी देख सकता है कि सिंहासन आपकी उचित जगह होगी

अगर आप अपने दिल को एक मौका दें
यह आपका नेतृत्व करेगा
रोमांस के साम्राज्य के लिए

आप अपने सपनों को प्रकट करेंगे
सिंड्रेला, सिंड्रेला
कभी बताई गई सबसे प्यारी कहानी में


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