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CHASE / glass shards Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Xxxtentacion feat. IkabodVeins. CHASE / glass shards song lyrics are Given by XXXTENTACION & ​ikabodVEINS and This song was released on the official youtube channel XXXTENTACION. Here One can find CHASE / glass shards Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. Download CHASE / glass shards Song Ringtone, CHASE / glass shards Song Mp3 Download.

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CHASE / glass shards Song Information:

Song Title CHASE / glass shards
Singer Xxxtentacion feat. IkabodVeins
Lyricist XXXTENTACION & ​ikabodVEINS
Release date December 6, 2019
Music Label EMPIRE & Bad Vibes Forever

CHASE / glass shards Song Lyrics By Xxxtentacion feat. IkabodVeins:

What R U doing out in the middle of this field leaving your car?
I’m just not sure what he’s thinking
He’s getting back into his car, he’s grabbed his bag
And from our vantage there’s no one around him
U know, U wait for these things to end, but then U figure how it might wind up
He’s completely alone
This is really starting to worry me, I gotta tell ya
I gotta tell ya

I been speakin’ to the reaper, seein’ spirits when I’m sleepin’
I been creepin’ with them demons, shadows walk through the flames
Sippin’ blood with the leeches, fuck the god U believe in
When I look in the mirror, all I see is disgrace
All of this rage, feelin’ Mi face
Blood on the end of Mi blade
Can’t complain, everything okay
Scars on Mi heart from feelin’ this pain
Got a knife in Mi back, can’t kill me though
Numb to it all, Mi feelings froze
Pray to the sky, Lord, give me hope
Bitch, I’m born alone and die alone, mmh
K holes in Mi halo, slave for the peso
Middle finger, fuck that
Land of the free, feed can to the teens
Never trust police, bitch, I bust back
Fuck the government, never trust that
All the people wanna know where the love’s at
We already know where the fuckin’ drugs at
Where the guns at, get your scope, blatt

Yeah, hey
I was in her house with some glass shards
Breaking out the back door (Yeah)
I’m a bear, she try claw (Yeah)
Then I broke her backbone (Yeah)
Wild, heard her dad call
Pushed me on the damn floor
Told me put Mi pants on
I was thinkin’ a lot of things, by any means
I’ll kill this bitch nigga if he try to take me from the fuckin’ girl of Mi dreams
I’ll kill first
Put his ass in the dirt
Body bag ’cause he worth somethin’ that hurts
And he won’t be the first


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