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Changes Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Lil Durk. Changes song was released on the official youtube channel Lil Durk from the album The Voice. Here One can find Changes Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. Download Changes Song Ringtone, Changes Song Mp3 Download.

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Changes Song Information:

Song Title Changes
Singer Lil Durk
Album The Voice
Lyricist AyeTM & Lil Durk
Release date December 24, 2020
Music Label Lil Durk

Changes Song Lyrics By Lil Durk:


Wakin’ up to gunshots every night, I wasn’t scared
Rules around the trenches, ain’t no trappin’ if U scared
They gotta see U killin’, it won’t matter if U say it
It doesn’t make a difference if U alive or U dead
If they catch you, eyes on you, it don’t matter if U cared
A couple killers been retired, man, they gon’ do it if I see it
Won’t ask them niggas for no money ’cause I’ma do it when I land
I was scared to show Mi past, I ain’t wanna lose a fan
I was standin’ on Mi block ’cause I ain’t wanna miss the chance
To catch the next nigga try to slide, then he dead
Money on his head, better not miss this last chance
When I call, U better come, U better slide with the bread
Shootout with a nigga, blick him, take a bleed shower
Ain’t no phones when we slide, police tryna ping towers
“Can U tell?,” fuck y’all bitches, I want Mi lawyer
‘Cause y’all got what y’all got and it’s gonna take hours
I don’t know shit, I ain’t no coward
Juvenile, I bought Miself out with Mi allowance
I plead insanity to the court, I need counselin’
I’m the voice of the streets and they vouchin’ (Yeah)
Don’t believe no rumors, ain’t around, them just stories
I call your phone a million times, I’m just worried
Mi brother told me a million times that ain’t for me
Don’t call Mi phone about no money, I’m recordin’
They talkin’ down on Mi name, they don’t know me
U know the world change when Oprah dissin’ Kobe
A lot of niggas left Mi side when I was hungry
They probably love me, but they wanna see me boney

U know the world change ’cause real niggas sayin’ I’m actin’ phony
I’m the same nigga, U try to take somethin’, I act a donkey
And U actin’ real, I told your ass U actin’ only
U the type to carry a hundred cash and still ask for money (U a stupid nigga)
U the type of nigga, ain’t no rumors, you’ll make one
U the type of nigga to drop a name, make a case come
U the type of nigga to spend your last on a lace front
U the type of nigga to say U slidin’, no, U ain’t huntin’, yeah


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