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Bryson Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by NLE Choppa. Bryson song lyrics are Given by NLE Choppa and This song was released on the official youtube channel NLE CHOPPA. Here One can find Bryson Song Lyrics Pdf in French, Spanish & English. Download Bryson Song Ringtone, Bryson Song Mp3 Download.

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Bryson Song Information:

Song Title Bryson
Singer NLE Choppa
Lyricist NLE Choppa
Release date November 1, 2020
Music Label NLE CHOPPA

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Bryson Song Lyrics By NLE Choppa:

(Pipe that shit up, TnT)
NLE, the Top Shotta, I got the bombs like Al-Qaeda
(Ayy, JB, why they mad?)
Eh, eh, eh, eh, wo-woah, woah, woah-woah
Oh (Life good)
Can U see now? Can U see now?
Woah, oh

Bryson, Bryon, everybody loves Bryson, oh
Bryson, Bryon, everybody loves Bryson, oh (Ayy)

Soul mission (Soul mission)
Soul purpose
Mom knew I was worth it
Since the day that I was birthed and came out of a lurkin’
Lookin’ at all of the nurses, she said I was special
Knew that shit, that was for certain
I would’ve thought this world was perfect, but it came with some curses
And read between the verses, if the truth U been searchin’
I woke up, I’m alеrted, I was feelin’ like a servant
I ain’t a part of thе circus
Mi soul been overworkin’
She can’t handle Mi burden, but she say she want a Birkin
I fell asleep in churches, I ain’t know what he was chirpin’
Within Miself I got faith, then prayers start unfoldin’
I know that God real, but not the way that they had told us

Bryson, Bryson, everybody loves Bryson, oh
Bryson, Bryson, everybody loves Bryson, oh

Ayy, swing like I’m Tyson (Like I’m Tyson), but I ain’t doin’ no fightin’ (No fightin’)
And I’ve been feelin’ righteous
I’m going through enlightenment (Enlightenment)
Conscious of a sidekick
In between it like hyphen
They sayin’ I don’t know shit, but wait ’til it hit the fan
Groundin’ up in the sand
The work put in, I seen dividends
I’m a bigger man, better man, I got a better plan
If U don’t wanna stand with somebody with some understandin’
Pineal gland in Mi crown and I got the upper hand (Red light)
Put the blues in rubber bands, I attract abundance
Affirmations daily, that’s why blessings keep on coming in
3-6-9, when I wake I write it three times
Six times in the daytime, nine at nighttime
Put positive thoughts into your heart, it’ll change your DNA
Negative thoughts, they fall apart, now a nigga thinkin’ straight
I don’t even smoke weed no more, I put that on the Heaven’s gates (Uh-uh-uh, uh-uh-uh)
Speakin’ on the Heaven’s gates, I know I’m going to Heaven, man
Ayy, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m eating on the vegan plate (Eating on the vegan plate)
Don’t take me to Chick-fil-A, I’m eatin’ at the Grand Cafe (Eatin’ at the Grand Cafe)
They ain’t open on Sunday anyway
Fuck your dinner date (Fuck your dinner date), U R what U eat
I’m countin’ green, eatin’ celery (Woah-woah-woah)
I don’t care what nobody else think or say, self love the best love
Self-hate got U out of shape
Distractions all in your face
They tell me when they gonna wait
Donald Trump the last president
Ain’t no more candidates
Turned Mi backyard to farmland
But grew up watching Gangland (Gangland)
On the block, hangin’, I had Mi Drac’ singin’ (Singin’)
All the negative U put in U get it back, that’s dangerous
Felt like all Mi karma came back when I got famous
Put the good in, U get the good out
I don’t even tote Mi gun no more, ’cause I’m knowin’ that I’m good now
Universe keep working for me
Ain’t nobody goin’ to touch me
They say “Protect Chop at all costs”
They need to change the subject

Bryson, Bryson, everybody loves Bryson, oh (Wo-wo-wow wo-wo-wow)
Bryson, Bryson, everybody loves Bryson, oh (Wo-wo-wow, wo-wo-wow)
Bryson, Bryson, everybody loves Bryson, oh
Bryson, Bryson, everybody loves Bryson, oh
Bryson, Bryson, everybody loves Bryson, oh
Bryson, Bryson, everybody loves Bryson, oh (Wo-wo-wow, wo-wo-wow)


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