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Check Bragging Rights Song Lyrics Below. Bragging Rights Lyrics Song is Nursery Rhymes & Kids’ Songs. Here One can find Bragging Rights Baby Rhymes Song Lyrics in Spanish & English, Bragging Rights Poem Song, Bragging Rights Poem Song Mp3 Download.

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Bragging Rights Lullaby Song Information:

Song Title Bragging Rights
Categories Nursery Rhymes
Genre Child Songs

Bragging Rights Song Lyrics:

The duck it never ‘quackles’
‘Bout its million eggs or so
The hen’s another story, though,
One egg, and hear her blow!
The duck we spurn,
The hen we crown,
Which leads me to surmise;
Don’t hide your light,
Just toot your horn —
It pays to advertise.


Bragging Rights Song Lyrics in Spanish:

El pato nunca ‘grazna’
Sobre su millón de huevos más o menos
La gallina es otra historia, sin embargo,
¡Un huevo, y escucha su golpe!
El pato que despreciamos,
La gallina que coronamos,
Lo que me lleva a suponer;
No escondas tu luz,
Solo toca tu bocina –
Vale la pena hacer publicidad.

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