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Boss Bitch Lyrics Song is the latest English song Sung by Dess Dior. The song was released at ‘Dess Dior’ official youtube channel on June 26th, 2020. Here One can find Boss Bitch Song Lyrics Pdf, Boss Bitch Song Lyrics in French, Spanish & English, Boss Bitch Song Ringtone, Boss Bitch Song Download, Boss Bitch Song Mp3 Download. Get Boss Bitch song lyrics here Below.

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Boss Bitch Song Information:

Song Title Boss Bitch
Singer Dess Dior
Released Date
June 26th, 2020.
Music Label DESSDIOR

Boss Bitch Song Lyrics By Dess Dior:

I can’t be stressing bout no nig*as 
It’s so easy to replace em
Ima real boss b*tch 
So hell na I can’t save em 
Off Henny with no chaser 
Best believe he wan’ taste me 
But he ain’t real nig*a
So I gotta keep it playa…
Boss b*tches do it best, tf’ you thought
I might hit him up and f*ck em when I want
Rich sh*t, if I want it f*ck the cost
He spends a bag on a b*tch cause I’m the boss…
Treating these nig*as how I want 
Cuz I know I got options 
I need a nig*a that don’t talk 
Cuz that’s always the problem 
I let em eat it from the back 
While I run in them pockets 
I hit my b*tch like wya? 
Cuz I am taking u shoppin’…
Now I might be a lil toxic,
But you know that I am worth it
Ion be textin’ nig*as back,
So on my page he be lurkin’ 
He can’t find no bit*h like me 
So he ain’t even searchin’
I just might break a nig*a heart
But sh*ttt nobody perfect…
Freaky b*tch 
Real nasty
On the gram…In the streets
I keep it classy
I ain’t beefin’ wit no b*tches 
They can have it 
Really runnin’ shit 
Na I ain’t braggin’…
F*ck a bag, I want a bust down
Swing that 42 Nah I don’t do crown
These nig*as wanna fu*k me for clout
Don’t hit my line cause you burnt out
Drag a bit*h down the street by her leave out
Might not want d*ck, give me mouth
Pretty b*tch but I’ll air this shit out
Better come correct with them checks out…

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